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Online money-making in Nepal is one of the most effective ways to make money part-time, especially for students. A decent amount of money can be made on online jobs while you also learn many things to enhance your personality, creativity, and finance with the additional benefit of improving your communication skills. While in Nepal, you can also work for international companies that offer you high-paying jobs and one of the easiest ways is to take part in the surveys conducted by international companies. The methods to receiving payment are also made easier with PayPal or through bank accounts.

There are a lot of jobs available online and you will also have an option to create one for yourself. Here are a list best five things among hundreds that you can do to make money online without any investment rather your savings from the income you make online can be used for career development and future investments.

Here is the list of things you can do to earn online in Nepal


Blogging is one of the best out of a lot of options for students to make money online in Nepal. You can create a convenient schedule for you to work without causing any harm to your academics while you make money. People have now established a trend to advertise through blogs so, Blogs as such can also be used for placing advertisements and for marketing. Blogging is a very easy way to make money without leaving the comfort your home and according to your convenient time schedule.


Freelancing is another best way to make money online. You can create your profile on sites like Freelancer or Fiverr and complete the profile according to the given instructions and register yourself on these sites for you to be visible to people worldwide. You can also work as a freelance Graphic Designer or Illustrator and even a freelance Content Writer. You may also work as a social media manager for brands and businesses to handle their Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok accounts and help them gain followers to promote their business and increase the selling of their products.



YouTube is one of the most preferred free video-sharing platforms where you can create content according to your skills and make a decent amount of money through YouTube. YouTube has changed the lives of many who started by uploading simple videos. Many people who started by uploading videos on their mobile phones have now adopted YouTube as their full-time career. You can create educational or content also for entertainment purposes or even travel vlogs and also get sponsored to place advertisements to make money on YouTube. Your videos can be popular enough for you to make money if you have skills for creating unique content.


Bug Bounty

Bug Bounty is a program offered by many websites, software developing companies, and organizations that offers bounty as rewards to people who figure out the bugs in their programs or websites. People have made a lot, as much as millions by reporting bugs so bug bounty helps you earn money conveniently. Many websites like Facebook have recognized and paid individuals from Nepal as well for reporting bugs related to their security.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best and most accepted ways to make money online. Marketing methods include Content writing or even Graphic designing where we can use a variety of creative designs, photography, and images for brand advertisements. You are required to have a little knowledge of marketing online and to place the ads in the proper way to gain customers for certain brands to start your marketing journey. There are many successful marketing agencies that provide proper marketing services where you can start your online marketing job and enhance your skills to even enter the world of digital advertising on your own.

There are also other variety of jobs that you can do online like selling your art and crafts or photographs, writing a book to be published online, or even online tutoring in a variety of subjects including your major in the university which will also be of help to your academics besides being a source of income. Besides making money, online jobs are also an opportunity to explore your skills and enhance them in the process. There is an affiliates program offered by various companies that one can join to make money online in Nepal.

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