How to know your sexual orientation?

How to know your sexual orientation?
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There are many types of sexual orientations. Here, is detailed information regarding how to know your sexual orientation. Sexuality can be defined as the way humans experience and express themselves sexually. We are generally only familiar with three types of sexual orientations. And, they are homosexual, heterosexual, and bisexual. Coming to recent times’ various sexual orientations has been found. Many people confuse sexual orientation with gender spectrum. Although they both are part of LGBTQ they are entirely different. Our sexuality is a part of our identity.


Many teens do not know about this topic. They often try to fit into the above-mentioned identities. However, individuals are often confused and frustrated due to this. They are unsure what to do with their feelings.


Types of sexuality:


  1. Straight:

Straight is a term used for heterosexual people. A person who is attracted to the opposite gender is called straight. For example, A cisgender male is attracted to females or vice-versa.


  1. Gay/ Lesbian:

One can identify as gay when a male feels attraction towards the same sex. It is often used to represent all kinds of Homosexuality. However, a female who is attracted to girls is called Lesbians.


  1. Bisexual:

Bisexual simply mean attracted to people of two genders. However, there are various definitions according to various people. Some describe it as an attraction towards both males and females. While the rest, believe it to be attracted towards any two genders. However, it should include feelings towards people of the same sex.


  1. Asexual:

Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction towards others regardless of gender. Asexuality can be classified into various other categories. some people might have romantic attractions and emotional attachments. Others might not have any of it. There are many misconceptions and myths about asexual people. Types of asexuality: Demisexual, grey-asexuality, etc. Various romantic orientations also fall under Asexuality. For Example, Aromantic, Biromantic, Panromantic, etc.


  1. Pansexual:

Pansexual refers to people that are romantically or sexually attracted regardless of gender. They are attracted to male, female, transgender, or nonbinary. Omnisexual is also similar to pansexual. Omnisexual people are attracted to all genders but prefer one more.



LGBTQIA communities include all of these orientations. The LGBT organizations also help out people that are confused. They also help out family members and friends to accept them.


Other terms related to the LGBTQ community:


  1. Intersex: It is a term used for people whose body type fits the general category. They have parts of both male and female.
  2. Gender Fluid: A person whose gender identity is not fixed and keeps changing.
  3. Bi-curious: A straight person curious about experiencing sexual relationships with the same gender.
  4. Ally: Someone who is supportive of the queer community.
  5. Homophobic: A person who has fear or hatred towards Homosexual people.


There are many problems these individuals face. They have to constantly go through discrimination. Parents often force them to suppress their identity. They have to deal with stereotypes and harassment. They have to face prejudice against them. They also have a hard time fighting for their rights.


If you are confused about your orientation, you can talk with experts. They can help you in exploring your sexuality. If you are in the questioning phase talk with experienced ones. They can help you understand and make you comfortable. They also can help you come out exclusively.


The concept of many types of sexuality is confusing and hope this helps you on how to know your sexual orientation. A child needs to be taught about it from the beginning in school. Parents also should take an effort in teaching them.


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