How to improve your personality | Personality Facts

How to improve your personality | Personality Facts
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When you have a good personality, you have a positive attitude in life. You also attract positive people vibes. Here, are a few ways which help us to know how to improve your personality.


Personality refers to the characteristics set of repeating behaviors, thought processes. The biological and environmental factor also affects a person’s personality. Personality psychology is the study of the psychology of personality. Identifying your personality makes it easier to make decisions about your future. You can choose a professional career. You can know your personal strength and enhance your skills.


Four Temperament theories: That is related to personality improvement


It is a proto-psychological theory. According to the four temperament theory, there are four major personality types. They are; sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic. They can be further explained as;

  1. Sanguine: These people are highly talkative, active, and social. They are major risk-takers.
  2. Choleric: These individuals are extroverted. they are goal-oriented and ambitious.
  3. Melancholic: These people feel and think deeply. They are analytical and detail-oriented.
  4. Phlegmatic: These kinds of people are quiet and peaceful. They are sympathetic.


Sixteen personality types:


According to Myers Briggs, there are 16 personality types. They are;

  1. The inspector- ISTJ.
  2. The counselor- INFJ.
  3. The Mastermind- INTJ.
  4. The giver- ENFJ.
  5. The craftsman- ISTP.
  6. The provider- ESFJ.
  7. The idealist- INFP.
  8. The performer- ESFP
  9. The champion- ENFP.
  10. The doer- ESTP
  11. The supervisor- ESTJ.
  12. The commander- ENTJ
  13. The thinker- INTP.
  14. The nurturer- ISFJ
  15. The visionary- ENTP.
  16. The composer- ISFP.


Ways to improve your personality;


  1. Improve your listening skills.
  2. Expand your field of interest.
  3. Learn how to better your conversation and communication skills.
  4. Meet new people with strategic motives.
  5. Attend personality development workshops.
  6. Develop your interpersonal skill.
  7. Enhance your leadership skills.
  8. Develop your presentation and public speaking skills.
  9. Enhance your nonverbal body skills and character.
  10. Have a positive outlook towards your community.
  11. try to have a better mood and try smiling frequently.


Importance of having a good personality:


  1. A good personality helps you attract good people. the kindness you show brings back kindness to you.
  2. It helps you to have a simple yet life full of success.
  3. It helps to adopt positive qualities like punctuality, time management.
  4. It helps you develop your mental health.
  5. It helps you achieve your goals.
  6. Having a good personality helps to automatically have successful relationships.
  7. Helps to have better productivity.
  8. Helps to accept differences and develop morally.


Factors affecting your personality;


Many factors such as genetics, environment, parenting, etc affect your personality. The environment you grew up in plays a strong role to determine your personality. An individual’s personality can be different when they are in their comfort zone. Certain kinds of Addictions might also change your personality. your personal hygiene also helps you in having a better personality.


How confident you are, also helps in improving your personality. Practice and effort help you in changing your personality. You can approach an expert for help. If you have gone through a trauma, you should go through therapy. You also can engrave values you like.


Determining your personality:


You can determine one’s personality using various ways. You can tell by one’s behaviors. We should learn the difference between various personality types. You can also take various tests. Various physical traits also help determine your personality. A pattern of thinking and body language also show your personality. Hope you get some ideas on how to improve your personality.


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