How to get Driving license in Nepal

How to get Driving license in Nepal
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Are you thinking of getting a driving license in Nepal? Here, are the ways to get a driving license.

A driving license is a permit granted by the government to allow driving a vehicle. A driver has to follow many rules while driving a vehicle. The rules depend on each country. In Nepal, various vehicles require different licenses. The License in Nepal is issued by the Department of Transport management. It is also known as Nepal Yatayat Bewastha Karyalaya. It was established in 1984.

Beginning in 2015, they started to issue a digital license. Once, the license is issued it is valid for 5 years. After that, we need to apply for the renewal. There are various categories of licenses in Nepal. Different vehicles fall under different categories. Subgroup A is for Bike and scooters, B for four-wheelers, and K for the Scooter. There are other subgroups as well, but these are common ones. Drivers can choose their desired category.


Requirements for getting a license in Nepal:

 The minimum age is 18 years For small and medium Vehicles.
 The minimum age for large vehicles is 21.
 The minimum age for two-wheelers is 16.
 The applicant shouldn’t have epilepsy, madness, or a similar disease.
 The applicants should not have bad sight or hearing.
 The applicant should have a good and functioning body.
 The applicant should be able to distinguish traffic signals.

Documents required:

 National Identity card ( citizenship card)
 Blood group cards or hospital cards.
 Printed registration form


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Step by step process to get a driving license

We can register for getting a license both online and in person. We can fill the registration form available online. Or, we can get the application form when we visit the office. The online registration system started on December 25, 2016.

How to get driving license in Nepal

Visit  and fill the form

We can register online by visiting the dotm website. On the website, we can check the link available for the form. After clicking the form we will have to fill in all our details. After submitting the form you will end up on a verification page. There you will get a date to visit the office. You will have to download the verification page and print it out. Then take it to the authority. This just requires a mobile with the internet. We can fill this form from desktop, mobile phones (android, or ios).

You can get in In-person as well. You will find the forms outside the premises. Two types of forms are available. one is the registration form and the other is the Medical checkup form. Both cost only rs. 25.

Although you have registered online you will have to submit the form in person. In the office, your digital photo and signature are taken. You have to submit a copy of your citizenship card, stamp worth Rs.10, and biometric details. After which you will be taken for the test of Color Blindness and blood group. The entire process is only done during the working days.

Written exam fee for Nepali Driving License

After this, you will have to make a payment of Rs. 500 for written examination . You will then be given a admit card for the exam and receipt. The exam is not very competent. You will need to take the admit card, citizenship certificate, and receipt. you will have a total of 20 Multiple choice questions. Among these, you need to answer at least 10 questions correctly. The result comes on the same day and can be checked in the list published. the results can also be checked via messages. You can text WTApplication ID’ to 31003. After you pass the trial there is an Rs. 1500 fee for a smart card driving license in Nepal.

How to get driving license in Nepal

After you qualify for the trial, you will get a time allotted. And you will be tested on your ability to drive. If you fail the test you can give the trial 3 times with a gap of 30 days. After the 3rd time of retrial, you will have to reapply. Once you pass the official test your admit card is sent forward for further process.

You then have to receive the admit card within 35 days of trial. If not you will have to repeat the entire procedure. You will have to pay the prescribed amount of fee after submitting the required document. After this, you will be notified when your license is ready to be picked. Meanwhile, you will be given a slip. It shows you are a certified, driver.


Renew your Expired License

If your drivers’ license is expired, you need to renew it within 90 days of the expiration date. if it is not renewed within a year you will have to pay a 100 percent fine. Due to the covid 19, the issuance of license has been stopped since March of last year. To avoid and reduce the spreading of corona they have started following safety measures.

The office is located in all 14 zones of Nepal. This has made it easy for Nepalese citizens to apply for licenses. You can just simply contact the nearest provider. If any applications are found with duplicate documents they are kept on probation. Even after issuing licenses, they might be entitled to disqualification.

The price of the license depends on the type of license you have attained. a foreign citizen can also get a license in Nepal. The international license is only valid for 15 days.

Hope you understand how to get a driving license in Nepal and renew an expired license. Please share your valuable feedback and comments.


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