How to earn $1000 per day from TikTok

How to earn $1000 per day from TikTok
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Here you will find ways on how to earn $1000 per day from TikTok. TikTok is a very popular social media app in the world right now. Despite a few countries like India having banned this app, the app has over 1 billion-plus download. TikTok is spending a good amount to get it more popular among people. TikTok pays higher and the interface is designed in such a way that you will find it more engaging.

Before going on how to how to earn $1000 per day from TikTok, let’s understand what are the ways of earning from TikTok. There are several ways that help creators to make money on TikTok like other social media.


  • Sponsorships
  • TikTok Shopping
  • TikTok Live Gifts


Find a way to earn $1000 per day from TikTok here is how

If you want to earn $1000 per day from TikTok, all you need to do you need to build good engagement. You don’t need to be talented or skilled except you are able to build engagement. If you have a decent amount of followers and it will be sufficient to help you earn $1000 per day. I am talking about TikTok live gifts how you earn them and encash them.

  • You need a decent amount of followers ( more than 5k-7k) which is very easy on TikTok
  • Start live stream and build engagement, entertain them, and help them to grow with your audience.
  • Helping them to grow will bring you traffic and connection.
  • Audiences bid and send you gifts in the form of emojis which carry coin value, some will send you to grow their accounts while some send you just because they like you.
  • Make sure you build 30-60 minutes of engagement and do not let your audience get bored.
  • Repeat the live stream in 3-4 slots of time every day.

Click here to know how to go live on TikTok if you don’t know. So to earn $1000 per day from TikTok you need 144000 coins, coin is TikTok currency.

TikTok Gifts: Coin And Diamonds


How to go Live on TikTok


How much coin does makes $ 1000?

Let’s understand TikTok coins and gifts here. TikTok coin is TikTok currency, you can recharge them using your PayPal or card. There are several packages of the coin:

TikTok Coins prices

70 Coin cost $ 1.09

17500 coin cost $ 244.29

Hence, 1 coin costs around $0.014, and to recharge 72000 coins you need around $ 1000. Now you will ask only 72000 coin makes $ 1000 then why we need 144000 coins to earn $1000. It is because TikTok takes 50% of the commission from gifts and gift value is reduced by 50% when someone sends you gifts. The gift sent by the sender will be converted into diamonds in your live gift wallet balance. Diamond is half of the coin so if anyone gives you  10 coins in the form of emojis it will be 20 diamonds in your wallet. Different emoji gifts will be carrying different coin values.

Hence 144000 coin gifts to you = 288000 diamonds as your wallet = $ 1000 cash balance you can withdraw

Now this is not exact it may fluctuate as per country exchange rates


Now the question is how do you get 1,44,000 coins? 

Let’s suppose you have 10k followers and your follower active in 4 sessions and in each session 1.5k followers join your life. Out of those 1.5k, there are 100 to 120 are gifters carrying different objectives.

Let’s do the math on how you earn $1000 per day from TikTok

100 gifter * 4 session = 400 gifters

400 gifters send you 1,44,000 coins as a gift

on average, they send you 360 coins which cost them $5 so the sender gives you worth around $2000 gifts and you can withdraw 50% of it i.e $ 1000.

This seems easy but you have to put effort to earn this. There are creators from Nepal who are already earning this amount.


FAQ on How to earn $1000 per day from TikTok

  • How much are 1000 diamonds on TikTok
    • 1000 diamonds are around 5$, and $1 is equal to 200 diamonds.

How to earn $1000 per day from TikTok

  • Care coins price is same for all country?
    • Coin price may fluctuate due to currency exchange rates and tax involved.


  • How do you get $1000 on TikTok?
    • You can participate in Live and make a video that is funny, informative, educational then you will easily get 1000 followers. You can also contact us at [email protected] we will help you to get organic 1000 followers in 2-3 days.


  • What is the withdrawal limit on TikTok?
    • Minimum of 100$ and Maximum 1000$ a day and you will be required a Paypal account and it will take 15 days to credit in your account.


The above calculations are just for live gifts imagine you can also earn from ads, sponsors, and from TikTok marketplace. Note You can also contact us at [email protected] we will help you to get organic 1000 followers in 2-3 days.


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