How cruel we are to our home Earth

How cruel we are to our home Earth
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All over the world, there are many talks happening about climate change. As the world is suffering from the worst fires burns, melting’s, diseases, viruses, cruelty. Now, it has become uncontrollable to stop the destruction. We human beings had done to the earth to create a sustainable earth for ourselves selfishly. Human beings (us) are said to be the most intelligent living beings on earth now. But the intelligence that we got is only helping us to destroy our own home rather than preserving nature.

On earth, human beings are sharing nature with more than 8.7 million other species of living beings then, why we are only thinking about the sustainability of humans only?

Being the only species, which can convey feelings, help others, intelligent why are we doing the opposite of what we should be doing?

We, humans, are doing infinity of cruel work intentionally/unintentionally which is affecting the lives of others living species now it’s over the top. We are destroying our own home.


How can we be the most intelligent person then?

The major devastating things we do normally without even thinking it creates obstacles in other species life just live peacefully for our unnecessary luxurious behavior which we are addicted to for now. Some of the things which should not be continued are:


  • Unnecessary Mining of minerals:

Up to now in world 1, 90,000 tons of gold had been mined. Gold is mostly used for luxurious products. It is also useful for electronic devices, but most humans use it as show–off fashion, etc. which is the most useless thing happening in the world which should be stopped.


  • Vast citifying:

As every people want to live in more facilitate and sustainable environment so, in the name of development everywhere theirs is un-planned citifying which is affecting the life of wildlife and other creatures. As we can take an example as deforestations.


  • Unstoppable pollution:

Seems like (pollution burning the sun)

Day to day pollution happening all around the world is increasing rapidly. It includes pollution of our air because of more carbon in our air rather than the oxygen, water resources, land, noise.


  • Invisible plastic hills:

We don’t want to listen that the earth is dying. But in reality, the earth is giving up because of the burden we created of our carelessness. Also, we don’t want to believe that we are creating plastic hills which take 1000 years to decay. plastic is everywhere now. It is creating problems for marine life. We get to see more plastic in the ocean rather than marine life. Also in the land, we see plastic everywhere mainly in developing countries. Developed countries like America are creating hills from wastages including plastic by covering it with soil. Wow so easy huh? Is it good to kill earth which has only possibilities to give us life? How blind we have become?


  • Extinction of humanity:

Sad to say, but peoples are more focused on the automated world they have created everyone is forgetting their motive for real life. Real-life is to give happiness and to be happy. We don’t care about others nowadays we really need to see the past how the earth was and how we had made it?


Nowadays, people think about ice in the fridge but then don’t know our small act is melting Antarctica. They want perfectly edited filtered photos to show how’s luxurious and lavishing life they are living just to earn likes and attention. They actually forget natures and everything real.


Hope it’s never late. Every individual tries to change some behavior to help our home to be peaceful for every creature.

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