Highlights of PM Modi’s Speech at UN Today

Highlights of PM Modi’s Speech at UN Today
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Here are the highlights of PM Modi’s speech at the UN general assembly today. PM congratulated Mr. Abdulla Sahi for becoming the president of UNGA and started his speech by giving a brief on Indian history. India enters into 75th year of its independence. Diversity is the strength and power of Indian democracy. He also said that he used to serve tea to support his father now represents India 4th time in the UN. He said democracy can deliver and democracy has delivered.

Highlights of PM Modi UN general assembly Speech on India

Here are the highlights of PM Modi’s Speech at UN Today on India

  • Condolence to all the families who lost his/her family members due to Corona Virus.
  • Bank Accounts, Home, Clean Water, and Health care including insurance coverage as security.
  • Land and Building ownership rights are necessary for the citizens of democratic countries.
  • Every 6 people in the world are Indian and with the development of India, the world also getting speed in development.
  • Innovations and technology could help the world. UPI performing 350 crore transactions every month.
  • India has developed the world’s first DNA Vaccine which can be given to 12 years above.
  • Corona challenges us to diversify our development styles.
  • India’s actions on climates and renewal energy are considerable than big and developed countries.
  • Science-based approach and learning are important and we are looking into it aggressively.

 PM Modi Speech on current issues

Here are the highlights of PM Modi’s Speech at UN Today on current issues.

  • Regressive thinking to use and support bad people as a political tool will also affect those who are praising it.
  • Afghanistan land must not be used to increase attacks and attackers and we have to be careful.
  • Our sea is our inherited property and we have to use it rather than abusing it.
  • UN must establish its effectiveness.
  • Covid origin and ease of doing business ranking are manipulated and the UN must step into it to establish its effectiveness.

He ended his speech by saying the quote of Nobel prize winner Dr. Rabindra Nath Tagore “perform your duty regardless of the problem and do not fear of anything”. What are your views on this? Please share your views and comments if I missed anything.


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