Hearing on Aryan’s bail tomorrow | Aryan Khan updates

Hearing on Aryan’s bail tomorrow | Aryan Khan updates
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Hearing on Aryan’s bail tomorrow and Aryan lawyers Satish Mansindhe is preparing for his bail. Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has demanded further custody of Aryan Khan as per Indian media Republic Bharat. Aryan will stay in the NCB office tonight and tomorrow will be a hearing on Aryan’s bail tomorrow.


Aryan Khan among seven others on 14 days judicial custody, hearing on bail is tomorrow


The news is coming that the court decided that Aryan Khan among seven others on 14 days of judicial custody. This means NCB has no further things to do according to the court and only a consumption case established. This is the fact I mean you can’t exaggerate the case much without evidence. Satishmande on Tuesday said that investigation is not in progress except the consumable quantity NCB found in his friend’s pocket.

Judicial custody means and implies that the accused is lodged in jail and is under the custody of a magistrate. Now there is no police custody or NCB custody for Aryan Khan. Interim bail will be easy for Aryan’s lawyer now.

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Aryan’s bail will be a gift for Gauri Khan birthday tomorrow

Gauri khan’s birthday is on the 8th of October tomorrow and Aryan’s bail will be the best gift for her as a mother. Gauri is very sad about her son’s arrest and regularly trying to find a way to clear out Aryan from all this. Now the interim bail is easy for Aryan Khan after the court decision of judicial custody. The hearing on Aryan’s bail is tomorrow and it is almost sure that he will get the bail tomorrow.

NCB arrested Aryan on the 2nd of October and on the 4th of October the court extended the Aryan Khan remands to NCB for further 3 days. Aryan Khan’s lawyer Satish Mansindhe is a famous lawyer and also fight the case of Salman and Sanjay.



Aryan Khan case was big deal?

Aryan’s case was not a big deal as it seems to be. He consumed he is guilty and he was liable for it but the media coverage and establishing his false picture is unfair. Everyone do mistakes but the way the media represented him is not good. Aryan or Shahrukh both are disappointed with that and that’s natural. Let’s wait for tomorrow’s updates on Aryan’s bail, I will be updating you guys.

How NCB looked at this case and what are their findings we have to wait for that, people are blaming NCB for framing Shahrukh son. Aryan will stay in the NCB office today. Please share your views on this.


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