Healthy Relationships : How to make better relationships

Healthy Relationships : How to make better relationships
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Relationships are of different types. Many people assume romantic & healthy relationships as soon as they say relationship. Here are several types of relationships.


A relationship is defined as a connection between two or more people. A relationship can either be blood-related or not. The connection can be platonic, intimate, or familial. There are many categories of differentiating relationships. There are Healthy relationships and Toxic Relationships. There is a personal and professional relationship as well.


The major relationships types:

Among the many types, The basic relationship types are;

  1. Family relationships.
  2. Friendships
  3. Acquaintanceships
  4. Romantic relationships
  5. Professional relationships and partnership: between Employee and Employer.
  6. Relationship with self.


The other types are between professors and students, between colleagues, Neighbors, etc.


Types of romantic relationships:


  1. Dating: Dating is a stage of a romantic relationship. During this partners get to know each other.
  2. Committed relationship: It is a relationship with commitment towards each other. Partners have both physical and emotional commitment. They are exclusive as boyfriend girlfriend or husband and wife in public.
  3. Casual relationships: This kind of relationship is emotional and sexual without any commitment. They are very common in western society.
  4. Situationship: It is a stage of relationship before defining your relationships. They have nonverbal cues of relationships.
  5. Ethical nonmonogamy: In this kind of relationship, the individuals are fine with having another partner.
  6. Friends with Benefits: A friend with who you have casual sex is called a friend with benefit. It doesn’t need to be monogamous. Monogamy is optional. These relations just include physical intimacy.
  7. Platonic Relationships: The relationship that only involves emotional attachment but is sexless.


Types of relationships according to psychology:


  1. Infatuation.
  2. Friendships.
  3. Empty Love.
  4. Romantic Love.
  5. Fatuous Love.
  6. Companionate Love.
  7. Consummate love.


Problems in a relationship:

  1. Cheating.
  2. Domestic violence and toxicity.
  3. The difference in social class and status.
  4. Unhealthy competition.
  5. A person not being able to adjust to a different culture.
  6. No plans for the couple’s future.
  7. Not being involved equally and having different feelings.
  8. Lack of time.
  9. Lack of satisfaction.


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How to make your relationship better?


  1. Take therapy for couples if required.
  2. Engage in kink.
  3. Spending more time together.
  4. Have a close relationship and avoid distance.
  5. Avoid unnecessary conflict.
  6. Avoid bad relationship references and delete negativity.
  7. be honest with each other.


Advantages of a healthy relationship:


  1. We heal quicker from several Health and other problems in life.
  2. We get endless support in solving problems.
  3. Partners help you fill the void.
  4. You can share your experiences and stress.
  5. You can get affection and happiness.
  6. You feel loved and attractive.


In a romantic relationship, Marriages are a special part. Marriage is an important step in a committed relationship. Marrying a woman or a man is not just about the partners. A marital relationship binds two families together. The journey from being single to being married is a difficult yet fun experience.


Foundation of healthy relationships

A relationship that includes trust, care, love, and attraction lasts for a long period. change is unstoppable, so we must learn to adapt to changes. The changes refer to both physical, emotional, and mental changes. Chronic illnesses and diseases also might affect your relationship.


In foreign countries, people generally marry after falling in love. However, In Nepal arranged marriage is quite popular. Researchers believe a high percentage of women are dependent on guys. In reference to this a person’s property, Behavior, Money all is taken into consideration. After all these things are configured as required the family decides on the marriage.


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