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I have been working as HR Officer for a year now, and have encountered various types of candidates during the screening process. Some candidates despite having a proper CV and a good recommendation fail to outshine during the interview. Here are the  Guidelines for an interview that will help you to crack it.


The interview is a crucial hiring process. It gives employers a chance to know the possible candidate and is an important process for the candidate to secure their chances of being hired. One has to pay attention to show up on formal or at least a semi-formal get-up. Arriving on time with all your supporting documents will create a plus point to your profile. Here is the Guidelines for an interview that one must follow to crack it.



Few things to consider(guidelines) if you are going for an interview:

Guidelines for an interview

Show-Up at the time:

Showing up in time gives off a good image to employers. It shows you are punctual and someone who values the time of the interview.


Wear Proper Outfit:

You do not show up for a job interview wearing vibrant color jokers, loose t-shirts, and sports shoes. One needs to keep in mind that a proper formal get-up helps the candidate gain a plus point in the eye of an interviewer. Also, it will make you look smart and professional.


Don’t try too hard:

This might surprises you as trying to impress the interviewer is what the interview is about right? Well yeah! But often people stress so bad during the interview that they forget to calm down and misunderstand the questions or worst are unable to deliver the correct answer.


Be more articulated:

During interviews always be aware that the question that the interviewer has for you is to determine whether or not you are fit for the role, so, make sure that your answers have a justification for the role you are applying for.


For e.g.: If the interviewer asks you about your weaknesses you need to make sure you give them an answer which will help them know where you need to improve but at the same time be ensured that it will not be affecting your Job description. If you are applying for a marketing executive, you cannot put forward networking as your weakness as it will instantly make you look incompatible for the role. You can say you are working on your desk skills and getting better at it, saying so you will let them know that you are open with your weaknesses and yet compatible with the role. Do not sound too confident and insist on being a know-it-all with no weakness as it can be the biggest turnoff for a person.


Have your documents in-Hands:

Although you may have sent your CV in advance while applying yet showing up with them during the interview can be fruitful. You can put it in front of your interviewer along with your achievement certificates and recommendation letters. Since not many people tend to go through all the documents during screening and even when they do not every achievement is remembered by them so having them displayed during the interview helps them analyze your involvement better.


Highlight your past achievements during the interview:

If you are applying for a marketing manager, talk about your marketing campaigns, market strategies to gain more customers, identifying and reaching out to the correct customer, favorable and trending social media promotion. These professional achievements are what will grab the attention of the interviewer as it gives them a gist idea of the kind of qualities you possess. You make talk about your personal stands but it is always better to keep that to a minimum.


Be up for salary Negotiation:

Many people tend not to speak out their desired expected salary in the fear of being passed on by the company. Never do so. Nay company that finds you fit with their values will know that paying the correct amount is the right thing to do. If the expectation exceeds company capacity then they surely will let you know and maybe the cost can come around during the appraisal with the agreement during the contract signing. So, do not hesitate to put forth your expected amount. Keep in mind you need to be able to deliver the outcomes as per your commitment and expectations.


Ask questions:

One of the problems with interview candidates is they don’t have any questions for the interviewer. I can understand the nervousness and all but as a person on the other side, I would love to know what is going on in the candidate’s mind. It doesn’t have to be something very heavy, you can simply ask about the company’s organogram, space for growth, and training that the company offers to its employees or any questions of public record, this will show that you are genuinely interested in the company matter.


If you are willing to get a get job in your desired company you must put these things into considerations. No company is interested in your personal life rather they want to know how your skills are going to result better for the company so make sure everything you say will be directed towards your roles in the company and your skills to justify it. Even as a fresher, using these techniques you can land a good position in a better company. I hope you have understood the guidelines for an interview.


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