Google AI takes search to next level

Google AI takes search to next level
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Google on September 29 announced that the implementation of AI on search makes it easier and more convenient for the users. Users will get more detailed and correct information in a natural and intuitive way. Google with its new technologies bringing some amazing features that will blow your mind. Google AI will also help in search and compare with best information providers details and this way google AI takes search to next level.



What is Google AI- MUM?

MUM is a multitask unified model. Google says there are a number of things to be done in the future and MUM is one simple step to that. MUM will perform complex transactions at an ease and is 1000 times faster than BERT. Language translation, Description of the image with more detailed and specific answers will solve the usage issue as well.

MUM will help you to perform a multimodel search, a new era search begins here. This search will help in visual search like photos, animated gifs, and ask questions to find alternative options as well. You can Zoom in on the specific point of the image and find the products on related stores. These features of Google will bring more traffic to a website that focuses on a specific niche.


Google AI search will be more powerful than you think

Google AI MUM understands you better and get results according to your need. Now the idea of anything will become easy to learn with google AI redesign search. Google also understand what you looking for and delivered to you the exact things you look. How to do things will be more easier with google now. Video part become more advanced with google AI. If you want to learn some parts of the videos the topics discussed will be already in there.

Shopping experience on the web become superior than ever. Needless to say specific products nieche will get more traffic with new AI of google. Google also help to find where you can shop the similar or exact dress someone wearing.


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Impact of MUM for users/content writers /ecommerce shop 

Here are the impacts that will be going on the sectors of web users.

For users

  • Users have benefits of multimode search
  • More intuitive and natural search
  • Topics of video will be easy to understand and explore more further related topics
  • Can compare the shop and prices among the various websites
  • Get detailed view and information of the products

For content writers and bloggers

  • Niche based blogger or content writers will be promoted more
  • The more you know about topics will be better for you
  • Google will know if you are “Jack of all trades, master of none”
  • High search volume keywords will be of no use if you don’t know about it

For e-commerce shop and other business

  • Again niche based shops are promoted more.
  • Google will find the nearest shops around you and fast delivery of products will not be an issue
  • There may be traffic reduction on multi products shop
  • Google my business will get advance and may become threat for multiple product shops.


MUM technology will help you more

The credibility of search is going to be more with this update. Every merchant will be promoted and there will not be discrimination on the basis of capital. Promoting through ads will generate more revenue to the niche based blogger. The new way Google AI takes search to next level and information will get better now. The update will happen step wise and we have to wait for its complete implementation.

I hope you have got the basic idea about google new updates and how Google AI takes search to next level. Please share your views on this with us, we will also be updating about its implementation and feedback. Read more from official google blogs updated on September 30


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