Gen Z: Generation Z

Gen Z: Generation Z
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Gen Z is a short form of Generation Z. This word is highly used Nowadays. Here is an introduction Gen Z: Generation Z to the word.


Gen Z is also known as the zoomers generation. They are the demographic cohorts succeeding Millenials. The later generation to come after Gen Z is called Generation Alpha. Gen z are the children born between the late 1990s to early 2010s. They are the first children that grew with access to the internet. hence, they are also known as ” digital natives”. As compared to other generations, they are believed to be more educated and well-behaved.


Core Characteristics of Gen Z: Generation Z


They focus on financial well-being :

These people have seen their parents suffer due to financial reasons. They have gone through economic pressures. To avoid this they focus on financial stability.



They have a diverse race of people. They are the last generation to be predominantly white. They also do not believe in gender differences. They strive to give rights to people of all races and sexual orientations. They are both racially and ethnically diverse.


Not so good mental health:

They are claimed to be the loneliest generation. This is because they spend most of their time online on mobile. So, they do not have great social interaction with people. They are not able to build great relationships in their life. They are more aware of the political and environmental conditions. The condition of the world presently also causes them more stress.


Shrewd consumers:

The cohort of consumers prefers personalized stuff. They do a lot of research and comparison before settling on a product. Using the internet they explore all the options available. They like products sharing the same political views. They prefer individuality over brands.


Focus on social issues:

They are a progressive generation. Data shows that They are more likely to support LGBTQ inclusion. They provide a generational shift on social issues. They have also given additional priority to fighting major taboos.


Few problems GenZ: Generation Z is currently facing:


  1. Coronavirus outbreak has affected many plans they had.
  2. The problem of Unemployment.
  3. They are going through Technology addiction.
  4. They are suffering from financial concerns such as debt.
  5. They have difficulty adjusting to traditional beliefs.


The major difference between Gen Z: Generation Z and Millenials:


One of the major things is that Gen Z and Millenials take up the largest population of people. GenZ is the current generation and millennials are the previous one. Although there are baby boomers, traditionalists, and Gen x as well. The major difference between them is;


  1. Millennials prefer stability and Genz prefer following their passion.
  2. Student in GenZ is more focused on the educational cost.
  3. Millennials are optimistic and GenZ are more pragmatic.
  4. GenZ likes keeping stuff private, millennials prefer sharing their thoughts.
  5. GenZ believes there are better ways to learn than in school, millennials prefer school.
  6. According to many companies, The consumption pattern is also very different.
  7. Genz prefers marketing done by general people, millennials feel drawn to influencers.
  8. GenZ is more likely to work for change in society and people’s habits.


Advanatges of being Born as genZ: Generation Z


They have a greater advantage in the field of different businesses. As they have the right source and platform provided by the internet, they can connect to the global market. They can easily open different branches and create a brand for themselves. The strengths of GenZ include Multitasking, Technological competency, media, etc.


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Weaknesses of being genZ

The biggest weakness of a GenZ individual is they have low concentration. They also have less loyalty towards the company. They are dependent on technology and addicted to social media.


In conclusion, GenZ is currently in the age range between 9 to 24. These people search for truth and value loyalty. They are against gender roles. They also embrace their identity. They grew up with technology making them familiar with the current services available. They also aim for financial wellbeing.


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