GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp GB Download APK 2023 | Why it is trending in Pakistan?

GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp GB Download APK 2023 | Why it is trending in Pakistan?
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Several versions of GB WhatsApp 2023 are available, each with its own set of modified features and behaviors. Some versions of GB WhatsApp claim to offer additional features and functionality that are not available in the official version of WhatsApp, such as the ability to run multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device or customize the app’s appearance. It is essential to be aware that downloading GB WhatsApp 2023 APK could potentially compromise the security & privacy of your personal information.



Additional features of GBWhatsApp

Here are some advanced features of GBWhatsapp 2023. These are some additional features from normal WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp 2023 APK download

  1. You can change contact colors by going to GB Settings>Home Screen> Home Style>yowa> You can change text color and Contact color
  2. Home Screen Wallpaper change by going to GB Setting>Universal>colors>background>Photo from the gallery and changing it.
  3. You can default it by selecting solid colors with the same process
  4. Story creating like Instagram. GB setting>home screen>header>enable Instagram-like story>you can add story.
  5. Increase forward limit of pic and videos and contact. Gb Setting>Universal>increase forward limit.
  6. Enable always online and make jealous of your loved one with your device off.
  7. Translate English to Hindi. GB Setting>universal>Applanguage & Translate>Gtranslate and it will show you msg in Hindi.
  8. High-Quality pic. GB Setting>universal>Setting>Same image in full resolution>Increase in MB.
  9. Long press on any chat and hide and unhide chat.
  10. Lock conversation. GB Setting>lock conversation.
  11. Emojis>Chat>3dots>searchweb>type emojis name and you can download and send.
  12. Hide DP. Setting>Account>Privacy>Profile pic>Everyone, my contact, you can select and deselect contact from there.
  13. Hide online status. Plus icon>watch and you can hide it from there. You can’t even see others as well.
  14. Direct Message without saving number. 3 dots>message a number>countrycode and number and can send hi hello.
  15. Auto reply>3dots>Autoreply> repli if equal>Good morning the Good Morning > Delay second > Done
  16. Font style. 3dots>gb setting>universal>style look and feel>font style and choose from there and you can change using the same process.


Various Version of GB WhatsApp download APK Old to New

These are the versions available from the sources that were made public to download.



There are 45 plus versions updated so far now.


About the APP

App Name                              GBWhatsApp APK

First Release                           2016

Android Version                      4.3 and Above

Version                                    Latest Version

Total Downloads                    1M+

App size                                 71.2 MB

Root Required                        Not Root Required

Main Features                        Mod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features
Last Updated                         Recently

Atnfas Hoak is the Founder at Gbwhatsapp mentioned in crunchbase.


How do I get GBWhatsApp?

On the menu, select “GB WhatsApp APK Download,” and you will be taken to the GBWhatsApp download page. To get the GBWhatsApp program for your smartphone, go to the official GoWhatsApp website, Gbplus.Org. You must there choose the version and click on the link and your GBWhatsApp Apk will be downloaded.


Installer’s Manual

The GBWhatsApp MOD version is not available on Google Play or the Play Store, thus you must download it from our website and manually install it. To learn how to install GB, read on.

You can use this installation guide to install WhatsApp on your Android or smartphone.
You might need to enable “Unknown sources” in Settings > Security > Unknown Sources in order to install a GBWhatsApp APK download MOD file into your Android or smartphone’s operating system. then take these actions. Download the latest version of Whatsapp from the Whatsapp website. Once the APK file has been downloaded, click it and then select “install.” The installation process requires some time. According to the smartphone. Once it is successfully done, open it and enjoy GBW/WhatsApp MOD.


FAQ on GBWhatsapp

How to restore GBwhatsapp’s old chat backup in 2023

This is a process flow on how to restore your old chat backups:

  1. Go to 3 dots>GBsetting>Universal>backup & restore>backup WhatsApp data
  2. After the backup is created open your file manager by closing your GBwhatsapp.
  3. Mark all the backup folders and paste them into a new folder.
  4. Uninstall the App and cache.
  5. There might be data left to delete, except for the chat backup you created.
  6. Create a new folder named GBwhatsAPP, this folder helps while restoring your chat.
  7. Also, create com.gbwhatsapp folder.
  8. Now paste that data into these folders one by one.
  9. Now install the APK file of GB WhatsApp, verify the number
  10. The backup and restore option will appear showing your backup size
  11. Restore the data
  12. Finally, you are good to go

All the messages are restored in the new version of GB WhatsApp.


How to get backup old chat on GB WhatsApp 2023

Here is the process of how you get a backup of your old chat on GB WhatsApp 2023

Go to profile>Threedots on right>Setting>Chats>Chat Backup> Create a backup by clicking.


Is using GBWhatsApp secure?

No, the GBWhatsApp app is not secure to use; if you use it, WhatsApp may block your account. GBWhatsApp, on the other hand, poses no risk to your

smartphones. Many websites that offer GBWhatsapp APK downloads and links from third parties for their APK files ignore those websites because they may change their malware to steal your personal information like documents, messages, and so forth. From reputable websites like Gbplus.Org, get GBWhatsApp. Your gadget may be secure.


Why GB WhatsApp APK download is trending in Pakistan?

It is trending in Pakistan and India because of some additional features. Some of the features are so unique that the original can’t provide them. The capabilities that allow you to conceal different types of personal information in your WhatsApp profile activity are probably the most popular elements of GB Whatsapp. You may entirely conceal any messages and information that you send or receive with this app. Apart from that it has features for fun and pranking people with GB WhatsApp.

How to download GBWhatsApp APK 2023?

You can have GBWhatsapp from the below link.



Before clicking the download pls read the disclaimer below:

Disclaimer Point for GB WhatsApp 2023

Here is a disclaimer for the GB WhatsApp APK 2023:

  • GB WhatsApp is a version of WhatsApp that is not developed or supported by WhatsApp.
  • It is unavailable on the official app stores and must be downloaded from third-party websites.
  • GB WhatsApp offers additional features or customization options, but these claims have not been verified.
  • GB WhatsApp could potentially compromise the security and privacy of your personal information.
  • It is not recommended to use GB WhatsApp or any other unofficial modification of WhatsApp.
  • Instead, it is safer to use the official version of WhatsApp, which is available on the official app stores and has been reviewed by these app stores.


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