Food Delivery App in Nepal

Food Delivery App in Nepal
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Food Delivery App in Nepal is what you find here in this article. Are you looking to order food online? Here are some great food delivery platforms. These are based in Nepal and mainly in Kathmandu with delivery facilities to Bhaktapur and Lalitpur as well.


This is a digital world. we can get many products online. we might sometimes have to pay a delivery charge. sometimes that also is free. there are many apps providing such services. we can order many items from our mobile. they deliver products to the doorsteps of customers. they have become great solutions for this age of pandemics.


With the increase in online shopping, online delivery of food has also increased. We can order almost everything from groceries to accessories. We can deliver food through various apps. Almost all of the restaurants deliver food through one or more apps. Food delivery has made it easy for us to have great foods. We can sit at home and enjoy it.


Best Food Delivery App list


  1. Foodmandu

We can download the app on the google play store. It is one of the first food delivery service providers in Nepal. The delivery service is only available inside Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara. We can get various foods from different shops.


  1. Bhoj

It was before named “ Bhojdeals ”. We can easily get food delivered with a few Taps. We can get some great deals and offers. You can easily search for your favorite brands. And order your favorite food.


  1. Bhok lagyo

This app is for nighttime delivery. They only operate from 4 PM to 4 AM. We can contact them on 9886049941. The app is under construction. we can also order through the website. According to the reviews they are hygienic and affordable.


  1. Foodmario

Mario is the first and only app in Nepal to connect customers with home chefs or cooks. The delivery system is currently only for people inside Kathmandu valley. We can download the app through the website.


  1. Bhokmandu food delivery

It is Kathmandu based delivery service. The app is user-friendly and easy to use. They claim to prepare food under expert chefs. So they also promise great quality food.


  1. Tatomitho

With the help of this app, we can order food from local shops. They deliver food inside Lalitpur, Kathmandu, and Bhaktapur. We can get a variety of foods. We can order food around Nepal easily. They deliver food to our doorstep. Tato method as per the name serves hot and tasty food.

We can easily order food from the above-mentioned sites. We can order different cuisines from our house. We can choose popular places from all over the country. These apps make sure the food is hot and tasty. They are a great solution to satisfy people’s cravings. Some famous dishes and food are; pizza, Momo, etc. Above mentioned best food ordering apps are based on various factors like users numbers, riders and service areas, etc.

Benefits of food delivery apps

Both online and cash-on-hand payments are accepted. We can do moneyless transactions. they also accept payments from apps, visa cards,s or Mastercard. buyers can contact them either via app or make calls.  We can also pay via Fonepay, Khalti, or eSewa. Most of them have their own wallet available. We can also pick it with Pathao. To get food worth your money make sure to check the reviews and ratings. Most of these apps require extra delivery charges. The delivery cost depends on your distance. Note these companies also pay their rider well and are high-paying delivery app for riders.


Ordering food and vegetables online is convenient. It makes working in the kitchen easier as well. There are also many healthy options available. These apps have created opportunities for sellers as well. Sellers can also easily deliver varieties of food to consumers. This has also brought in additional customers. Since we can order food in an instant, we can order as soon as we crave. Most of these platforms deliver food in less than an hour.


Most of them deliver during business hours. Users can enjoy cooked food and fresh cuisine. We can easily get it delivered in our location. So, we can have a delivery experience. We can easily find the menu on the website. We can get the list of these amazing foods. We can also compare to get food at minimum price. We can check offers made by your favorite cafe or restaurant.

Other online delivery sites for other products.

On these websites, we can get appliances, technology products, clothing, groceries, and many more.

  1. Daraz
  2. Online Saathi
  3. Sasto deal
  4. Smart Doko
  5. Okdam

Share your view on which is the best food delivery app in Nepal according to you? we will appreciate your feedback.

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