FOMOEX: 300% ROI Scheme Review

FOMOEX: 300% ROI Scheme Review
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The Company FOMOEX is MLM which was founded by Stephen Meade and David from Dubai event is a hot topic for MLM investors. With its attractive 300% return on ROI and FOMO Linear Plan, it is said that this is a new type of scheme and is never seen before. FomoEX is a Network MLM business in which affiliates earn money by joining others.


What are the plans or offers by FomoEX?

These are the FomoEX bonus or incentive plans to offer for the affiliates and Investors:

  1. Direct Bonus- Referal (OneTime)
  2. Mining Production bonus or commission- Monthly
  3. Leadership Pool (Network and Turnover base)- Yearly
  4. FOMO Linear Plan (Most attractive and FOMOEX claims that it is one of its kind and never seen before)- Weekly


Investment Package in FOMOEX

There are 7 packages designed to invest from a minimum 100$ to Max 25,000$. But this is not it, You can invest as much as you can and there is no limitation for same. One can create multiple accounts and invest in them to get a FOMO linear bonus and there is no limit to it.

Your investment will be divided into two parts i.e One is your investment and one part is for the team commission.

  1. 50% of investment goes to the mining business
  2. and the remaining 50% of Investment goes to affiliates commission and leadership business

Read more details about FomoEX plans and bonus 


Why Fomo looks doubtful and Indicate a scam?

The reasons are various and simple. Here are some reasons that make FomoEX doubtful and begs question of credibility.

  • Missing official address on a website
  • No details of a team of the company
  • There is No proper SOP
  • BVI law applicable in genral
  • Payments of affiliates and reduced and extended for no reason
  • Attractive scheme to attract new people
  • 3 Arrest in India operating as admin of FOMO
  • Operations and announcement from Dubai
  • Seems linked from Hyperfund and Oracle

FomoEX New Offer

Image credit is FomoEX official website

These all indicate scams. Now it’s your call to invest in it or not. Find lots of information before you invest and take the right decision.


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