Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram servers are down globally

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram servers are down globally
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Recently Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram servers are down and facing outages. Users from all over the world are tweeting on Twitter and are trending on it.  These three social media are down and owned by single owner Facebook. It’s not that the first time there were several times when these types of issues already happen earlier. Twitter also faced an outage a few days ago.


Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram Outage

There are engineers working on it and it will soon get resolved. Users from around the world are affected due to these outages. There is no official reason why it happened. Social media Facebook has a huge user across the world and the outage makes issues for users. Also, this server down issue leads to huge losses to the companies. These social media earns millions every minute. This may be due to a DNS issue and there are people and experts working on it. People are confused about whether there are any serious issues in it.


Facebook also facing allegations currently regarding engagement manipulation

The allegations regarding Facebook manipulate engagements and traffic. This allegation is denied by Facebook executives. The AI of Facebook is such that social content is more engagement-oriented. Please share your view on this. Are you facing problems with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram in your territory?

There are also several memes coming from all around the world regarding Facebook downtime. However, the problem is very rare and it is surprising that the tech giants also face these issues. DNS is the address book of the Facebook sites. There are more than 80000 for WhatsApp and 50000 for Facebook reports found by the down detector.

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram servers are down globally. Join our team ullu official Facebook page.

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