Facebook: Corporate name changed to ‘Meta’

Facebook: Corporate name changed to ‘Meta’
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Facebook’s new name is Meta. From now on we are going to be metaverse first, not Facebook first’, said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook during his annual connect event. Metaverse refers to a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.


Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook’s new name will be “Meta”. He put forth his argument that Facebook connect aligns with its growing focus on the metaverse, an effort to combine virtual and augmented reality in a new online realm. The corporate of the social media platform will change to ‘Meta’ to emphasize; Metaverse version


Will the users be affected in any way by the Facebook new name Meta change?

Well, No. The change shall only be referred to the parent company. The corporate name, however, shall be ‘Meta’ and this brand name shall own other apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram. The users won’t find much difference in their usual Facebook page or design. It was brought to the knowledge of the general public that Zuckerberg believes that the company would better encompass what it does, as it broadens its reach beyond social media into areas like virtual reality (VR).


Meta logo



Why the change in corporate name Facebook to Meta?

Facebook has become a successful brand that has dominated the world. It looks forth better updates and a wider range of coverage and explores beyond the past achievement. It is believed that the growing ambition of Zuckerberg to link virtual reality and augmented reality into the online realm introduced this change.

There are however many other factors that are inflicted over the companies, especially globally recognized companies that inspire them to change their existing Name. Few can be understood below:


  1. Social Pressure:

When the social sites are stigmatized to be against the norms and likes of society, they rebrand their company names to ensure a positive image amongst the users. It’s a physiological way of making people believe that the company values its voices.


  1. We do more than just:

If a company sticks to one or limited brand or functioning they may outgrow from public choices. As per the need and demand of the users and clients, they broaden their scope of work and that encourages the change in the company name. This does not necessarily have to be a major change, adding a few acronyms somewhere in the existing name, or removing something from it.


  1.   A Fresh Start:

Sometimes, brands fail to leave up to the expectations of their customers and client.  Once the brand becomes unpopular it is hard to raise it, so, the investors change the brand name to pursue a fresh start.



  1. The start-up Name:

Many companies start off the project as an experiment and put next to little thought into naming it properly. Once the brand is recognized in the market and it gains favoritism, it tends to evolve and put the effort into its branding name.


  1. Course correction:

Not every brand course is going to be successful. Startups have to go through tons of criticisms and comments before kick-starting with the accurate one. Some name changes take place to correct the previous errors.


Facebook has been targeted with criticisms and dissatisfaction many many times. Sometimes the change in the privacy setting raised big questions about whether or not Facebook is as secure as it claims to be, other times the unfiltered access for posts and comments discouraged the huge number of users. The excessive ads policy was also a topic for debate to Zuckerberg during his public interaction panels. Despite the tons of criticism, it has managed to become a multi-billion dollar company and the users hope that with the needful adjustments and changes it will live up to the expectation of its users.


What is your opinion on Facebook’s new name Meta, Please share your thoughts?


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