Energy Shortage in India | Energy crisis

Energy Shortage in India | Energy crisis
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Coal shortage leads to energy shortage in India, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, and Punjab are already on load shedding. Delhi governments (power minister) said crunches of coal may lead to disaster problems related to electricity and power. It is not that India is only facing the crisis but the whole world. Recently, we have heard the news from China and the rest of the world as well. The coal price is at the highest due to its shortage, China is paying a good amount to purchase coal from Asian countries.

Europe, UK, and Lebanon are already facing a fuel crisis. There is news coming that the production of coal has been increased in the UK and China to meet the requirement. Improvement in renewal energy and concern for environmental issues leads to reducing China’s dependency on coal. However, currently, there is an issue and it will not be changed in few days.


Why is there a coal shortage and how it leads to the energy crisis in India?

India and China are the largest consumers of coal and importer as well. The production of coal of these two countries is also highest in the world along with Australia. Covid reduces the productions of coal in various parts of the world while demands remain the same or above in some cases. Here are the reasons why India is having a coal shortage right now:-

  • Largest consumers of coal in the world.
  • Less import of coal in 2019 and 2020
  • Fewer domestic productions of coal while energy demands remain the same
  • Price hike of coal in International market
  • Not maintaining a proper reserve of coal
  • The world get impacted as China are India is a producer of various products
  • Hike in price of electricity and its by-products

How the shortage of coal leads to the energy crisis in India and what does it impact.

  • Major power plants are dependent on coal in India
  • Shortage leads power plant to shut down
  • Power cutdown leads the industry and individual life a hard situation as there are not many alternate power solutions
  • The industry that is highly dependent on power may face a big problem
  • The economy will get impacted by power issues
  • Increase in sales in Inverter and battery


Solutions to this coal shortage and power crisis


Here are some immediate and long-term solutions to avoid a power crisis in India or the world.

  • Increase production of coal
  • Other industries that use coal needs to hold for now
  • Can import coal from Australia
  • Think of various alternative renewal energy


What do you think the other solutions of it, let us know and share your views. The world needs to think of renewal energy and at the same time also needs to think of environmental issues. We must take care of our environment and concern for our health in the future. A clean environment is a must for healthy living. Every country needs to put effort into the preservation of a good environment.


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