Earning from the Share Market is easy or hard?

Earning from the Share Market is easy or hard?
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Share Market is something you can’t predict. However, Some research and patience will create and increase your wealth. Earning from the share market is easy or hard? let’s find out.

Heaven of money or hell of uncertainties!!!

  • European markets advanced on 17th September 2021, outpacing other major markets as global investors continue to weigh the prospect of slowing economic growth.
  • NEPSE HAS DECLINED BY 40.26 POINTS AND REACHED TO 2889.03 POINTS on 15th September 2021.

Concept of Money, Shares & Share Market

Money is something which is a must for people in every era. Coming up with sources of money and gaining benefits from them is a boon provided to humankind. The concept of a share market is also one of the many sources of earning. Now a large congregation is skeptical about the share market due to various factors like technicalities and uncertainty. But if done properly, even the most uncertain events can provide you with a profit.


The aggregation of buyers and sellers of stocks (also called shares), which represent ownership claims on businesses that may include securities listed on a public stock exchange, as well as stock that is only traded privately.  For instance, shares of private companies are sold to investors through equity crowdfunding platforms. Investment in the stock market is most often done via stock brokerages and Electronic trading platforms. Investment is usually made with an investment strategy in mind.


The concept of share market has always been on uproared fire in the other countries, while in the context of Nepal, only the ones actually interested in the markets were involved. However, the scenario took a 180 degree of turn in the last lockdown. The netizens of Nepal followed the trend of being involved in the field out of influence and peer pressure. As an outcome, people here, are entering to share market in an improper manner due to which the volatility in the share market has increased.

The trend of IPO in Nepal and earning from it in Nepal

When IPO’S (Initial Public Offering) of companies are only targeted for investment, making money via the share market becomes like lifting your little finger. In Ipo’s of every company, which has base rate Rs100 and some of through book building method which may vary, has the least risk for earning. Nowadays, IPO is considered to be the best investment anyone can do.

Statistically, among every shareholder in the nation, only 10-15% have knowledge about the technical and fundamental analysis before investing while the rest has invested on the basis of a rumor and the ongoing trend amidst the fellas. Entering into the field without its basic knowledge has led to the market being highly unstable for risk and reward.

What to see Technical or Fundamental while Investing in Nepali Share Market?

Currently, in Nepal, technical and fundamental analysis hasn’t even been fruitful to the market due to the high volatility and the market has been found to run solely on the basis of public sentiments. The so-called big shot investors have played a significant role in public sentiments for their own profits via clubhouse, Viber, messengers, and other platforms. In return results in many people with a small amount being trapped in the share market which has caused a pessimistic impact on small investors. The fundamental study will give you a return if you have patience.
To feed your hungry stomach as well, you shall lift your hands to your mouth. Nothing in the world is facile and effortless however, proper knowledge, techniques. Synonymously, the share market also falls in the same category. The share market is not only about investing money but about understanding knowledge of the share market and public sentiments in today’s context.

Earning from the share market stands on a contradictory junction as ones with proper knowledge find it easy while the ones who aren’t into it find it difficult. Please share your thoughts and feedback- what do you think?

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