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Dreams are illusionary stories and pictures created by our brains while sleeping. It is a complicated mystery that still can’t be defined properly by scientists or psychological doctors. It can be very meaningful or very bizarre at the same time. Humans can dream for about two hours every night and each dream is of 5-20 minutes. No one exactly knows why do we have dreams but some researchers believe that it has no purpose whereas others believe that it is needed for our mental and physical health. The Dreams express a person’s thoughts and unconscious desires too. There are different views on dreams by everyone.



We all have different types of dreams. Our dreams can be meaningful or bizarre and of many types. But, mainly it is of five different types. They are listed below:


  1. Normal Dreams – This is just a common dream we all experience about something or someone. We may or may not remember about it.
  2. Daydreams – It happens during the daytime when we want to escape our reality. While daydreaming, we can be reliving the past, or we may imagine our future.
  3. Lucid Dreams – It means to be awake while dreaming and also being able to control the dream.
  4. False Awakening Dreams – This kind of dream makes us feel we are in the real world when we are actually sleeping and dreaming. It makes us feel like we are awake when we are not.
  5. Nightmares – It is a disturbing dream which feels very real. It can be caused due to stress or trauma and various other reasons.



Dreams are illusions created in our heads. Occurring of dreams has no specific reasons or definition but experts think it is based on our daily activities and issues. Mostly the things we do while we are awake influence the dreams we have. 


Our health condition is one of the things that influence our dreams. For instance, if we don’t sleep for a few days then we have vivid dreams. If we are overstressed then it causes nightmares. Not only stress but also our mental health affects our dreams. Likewise, food also affects our dreams. Food on high-carbs gives quick energy but makes us feel low soon. This way, our mood will be affected and our dreams too. Also, if we consume food that keeps us awake then we remember our dreams. Our daily activities also are a reason we have dreams. If we are stressed or anxious during the day then we are likely to have nightmares. If we don’t exercise regularly then we can’t sleep properly. So, everything we do and the food we eat affects our sleep and causes us to dream. 



Every dream cannot be remembered. People mostly tend to forget their dreams after waking up. It is mostly because of stress and other activities. We also don’t remember when we don’t pay enough attention. For remembering dreams, there are a few things we need to do.


  1. Take proper sleep: To remember dreams, we must take a good night’s sleep. To sleep early and nicely, regular exercises should be done. We must eat a proper diet to sleep in time. 
  2. Intention to remember: We should have the intention of remembering our dreams. Before sleeping, we should make it our goal.
  3. Lucid dreaming: As mentioned before, it means to control our dreams. As we can control, we also remember it. We should try to have lucid dreams to remember the dreams.
  4. Waking up slowly: The way we wake up also affects our memories. We should try to wake up very slowly if we want to remember our dreams. We should try to linger for a while then just wake up fast.
  5. Take note: We should try to write the details we remember after waking up. Sometimes, we may wake up while dreaming. If we do wake up then, we should take notes. Writing really helps us to focus and remember our dreams.
  6. Have patience: We must be patient as it takes a while to remember dreams. People who are really curious should try and keep trying. 


This way, with a few steps, remembering our dreams can be a little easy. It takes time but we can remember our dreams.



  1. Dreams help us to learn more fast.
  2. Blind people see more dreams than normal people.
  3. Other living beings ( animals) can also have dreams.
  4. Reading or telling time cannot be done in a dream.
  5. Our brain is more active while dreaming.
  6. We have multiple dreams every night.
  7. Dreams can be in both black and white and in color.
  8. Two people can have the same dreams.
  9. People can only see the faces they have seen before in dreams.
  10. The future can be seen in dreams. 


The paranormal activity that uses to make connections with us using our subconscious or unconscious.


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Author:-Sulkshya Khatiwada


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