Depression in Teenagers

Depression in Teenagers
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Depression in teenagers is a common problem in teens’ life nowadays. Many teens and their parents don’t know how to identify and deal with it. Here, is a detailed article on depression.


Depression can simply be defined as constantly feeling low. it can be both long and short-termed. There are several levels of depression. It is common in people of any age, however, it is more common in Teenagers. Many individuals are not able to identify it due to a lack of awareness of Mental health. Many people think that being depressed is being Mentally ill.


Depression is generally stereotyped as wearing black clothes and staying quiet. However, It is just one common symptom. A person who talks a lot and is friendly might also be depressed. Depression also doesn’t need a certain cause. Depression is caused by several reasons. The cause may affect the depth of depression. Proper care can help a person out of depression. A few of the many causes are;



Chemical imbalance in the brain: Depression in teenagers

serotonin is a hormone that stabilizes your mood and makes you feel happy. lack or less level of serotonin causes you to feel sad constantly. this results in depression. restoring the balance can help you reduce your symptoms.


Inherited from parents:

It is not necessarily passed from generation to generation. but, Depression in children whose blood relatives have gone through it is more common.


Childhood Trauma:

Childhood trauma and abuse, either physical, mental, emotional, or psychological can cause depression. Losing Parents or someone they are close to might also cause depression.


Negative Thoughts:

The continuous patterns of negative thoughts can cause depression. This causes one to feel hopeless and helpless. A Pessimist has much more of a chance of being depressed.


Social problems:

Social problems include all kinds of professional, family, relationship problems. As adults, we face several problems and restrictions. Failed relationships, the family issue can be a reason for depression. When one goes through several failed attempts in business also causes depression.


Although these may be the causes of depression, some factors may bring it out. The things that trigger it may be the use of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. Many other mental and physical illnesses also contribute to it. Even having fear of rejection from society causes depression. Confusion with sexual orientation also might trigger it. Most of the people in the closet are suffering from depression. Being a victim or a witness to a violent scene might cause depression as well.


Being depressed causes various complications. If not diagnosed and treated properly it may cause deeper problems. The major complications are:


  1. Suicidal thoughts and attempts to suicide.
  2. Being or getting addicted to drugs and alcohol.
  3. Conflicts in the family and between partners.
  4. Problems with academics and problems with studies.
  5. Lack of interest in daily activities.
  6. Eating disorder.


Symptoms of depression can be obvious or just a little. Identifying it in yourself or the people you love is very important. The few general symptoms are Hopelessness, sadness, and fatigue. Losing interest in things you liked can also be a major symptom. Changes in Behaviors, unhealthy sleeping habits, loss of appetite are other symptoms.


Anxiety, Panic attacks, and insomnia are also a part of depression. Uncontrollable emotional behavior, the way one looks at death can also be a warning. Constant isolation from people is also a symptom. Identifying these signs by oneself, friends or close ones can be very helpful.



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There are various ways to get rid of depression they are;


Talking to a specialist:

Depression can be treated by visiting the counselors and getting the required support. With proper medication and therapy, one can get rid of depression. We can talk to them both online or in the office. You must seek help.


Visiting a doctor:

Consulting a proper doctor for the treatment of any other illness can also help its prevention. They might prescribe you an antidepressant or psychotherapy. If it is difficult for you to sleep or eat, they can give you medicine for the same.


Yoga or Physical exercise:

Yoga or Physical exercise can be a great attempt to stay away from bad thoughts. It doesn’t only make you physically healthy but also helps you with behavioral therapy. It reduces stress and the risk of depressive thoughts in a teen.


Learning Music:

Spending your time learning new musical instruments can help you stay away from negative thoughts. Encourage your children to listen to or learn music.


Depression might lead to the death of a person. Make sure that you and others are getting the help you need. Talking and sharing your experiences can also help in reducing depression. We must teach our children about depression. We should not make the patient feel guilty for their feelings.



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