What clothes do women likes on men?

What clothes do women likes on men?
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Imagine meeting the guy you have been talking to for a while now and he shows up wearing old reaped jeans, flip-flops, and a hippie t-shirt. Isn’t that a turnoff for you? Now, imagine meeting a guy for the first time and he shows up on a Fitting t-shirt and tracks pants, or collar shirt and slim-fitting cotton pants, or fitting jeans and shoulder t-shirts, pair all these with the simple yet elegant watch and cool footwear. It is a bonus if he has messy curls or even gelled tamed hair that will do the trick. Won’t that make you feel attracted towards him at a first glance? and answer a question like what clothes do women like on men?

The first impression you have about anyone is on the basis of their dressing sense. You have this image of how the guy will look in person and if he turns out to be the exact opposite of that then it’s an instant turn off and the rest of the data are you trying to keep up with the conversation without looking uninterested or worst, disappointed. How a guy carries himself in terms of how he dresses up, the kind of accessories he chooses, the colonel he prefers, and the footwear he has on.

Formal looks always good on Men

Men in formal wear are always a sight to the eye. When they flex their muscles under the fitting shirt and khaki pants or a guy rolling the sleeve of his bottomed shirt or the way he rocks that crisped shirt and cotton pants, a man in the perfectly tailors suit is sure to turn a head or a two in the room. The attractive item for men is their choice of accessories. A loose gold/silver chain and cool bracelet with informal wear and cool footwear are very intriguing to look at on men. A watch and formal footwear with the correct color choice is a charming look. A Bottom-Down shirt with fitting denim and cool sinkers is a perfect casual look to flaunt. It is no news that people are attracted to Pleasant body odor so if you are someone who is dressed to impress then a pleasant smelling odor is a must for you. Women totally dig men who smell and dress well.

Here is the list of items on men that women find impressive and are totally attracted to.

Great Footwear
Stylish Watch
Perfect Fitting Jeans
Well-Tailored Suit
Fitted Men’s T-Shirt
Men’s Button-Down Shirt with the Sleeves Rolled
Long-Sleeve Men’s Henley
Men’s Accessories

However, what clothes do women like on men? is a subjective issue what you think? Please provide your valuable feedback.

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