CG Net| High-Speed Internet in Nepal

CG Net| High-Speed Internet in Nepal
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Thinking about setting up an internet connection, CG net| Highest-Speed Internet in Nepal. Here, we present you with detailed information regarding the CG net.

Chaudhary group international limited is a multi-national company. Its headquarters is in Kathmandu in Nepal. It was founded in 1958. Binod Chaudhary is the president of CG. Nirvana Chaudhary is the Managing Director. CG group produces different products, Such as Food items, electronic devices. They have now expanded their business on telecommunication and recently launched a fiber internet service in Nepal in cooperation with Nokia.

There are many other internet service providers (ISP) in the market. Such as Vianet, Worldlink, Subisu, etc. However, CG internet has brought a great offer at a cheap cost. The current plan of broadband 120 Mbps has got the public excited. 120 Mbps is the fastest speed offered in Nepal. This might be a cheaper solution for the clients.


CG Net is the cheapest price internet service in Nepal| CG Net Price

The prices of the package are mentioned below. You can view them here.

Purpose 1 Month3 months6 months1 year
120 Mbps Rs 999 Rs 2997Rs 5994Rs 11,988
Single-band router Rs 2500 Rs 2000Rs 1500free
Dual-band router Rs 3500 Rs 3000Rs 2500free

The installation and drop wire charges are also free. And there is also a refundable fee of Npr 500.


Coverage Areas and Availability of CG internet Nepal

Currently, it is not available all over the country. In the first phase, they provided services in some places of Lalitpur. However, they are planning on adding it all over the Kathmandu valley and remote corner as well. They are in very high demand by subscribers. They have been building many customer service centers. Places CG net is currently available are;


Jawalakhel                                                              Gusingal

Jhamsikhel                                                              Jwagal

Ekantakuna                                                             Chakupat

Bhanimandal                                                          Chayasal

Kalanki                                                                     Balkumari

Kuleshwor                                                              Sanepa

Tripureshwor                                                         Kupondole


FUP Level policies

FUP stands for Fair usage Policy. It is practiced by ISPs all over the world. You can check them here.

FUP LevelData Usage quotaSpeed Policy
Original data bandwidthConsumption Up to 1900 GB120 (Mbps)
Level 11900-2000 GB50% of original
Level 22000-2100 GB30% of original
Level 3Over 2100 GB10% of original

CG Network

CG has been trying to achieve a mark in the communication sector. They have been trying to launch their own mobile network. Mobile networks available currently are Ncell, NTC, and smart cell. They require a unified license to set up GSM and CDMA networks. But, NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) has been declining its license.


There have been many efforts and research regarding CG Net. among many topics the topic mentioned below is very popular. It is “Conditional GIS-aware Network for Individual Building Segmentation in VHR SAR Images”. The topic is discussed based on a proposed model.


Launching this effectively competitive project has helped residential people in many ways. It expands career opportunities for new employees. It makes payments easy and sending messages easy and fast. The additional speed makes it more reliable and gives a great experience.  We can easily share data and make calls and here is the CG Internet contact number:- 9880588888

FAQ on CG Net

  • Why is CG Net so cheap?

CG Net is in its initial phase and acquiring customers is important. There are already few players in the market so to capture and disrupt the market CG adopted a loss leader strategy. Loss leader strategy is something where consumers are offered a product or service at a very low cost. Doing this also helps on saving marketing costs, as consumers themselves share their brands happily. Once the market is captured the volume it gets results will be highest so the small amount from individual results in big profit. We have seen how Jio India adopted this strategy and get succeed. It is a win-win for consumers and leaders.

  • Is 120 Mbps is good for gaming?

When it comes to gaming, gamers aren’t happy with the slow internet service providers of Nepal. Hence 120Mbps will at least give some hope to the gamer and streamers of Nepal. This will also help the internet-based companies if corporate plans are also getting cheaper in the coming days.

  • Is CG Net available all over Nepal?

CG Net is available in Lalitpur and some areas of Kathmandu. The service will be available to other major cities as well in the coming days. cities like Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Hetauda, Chitwan, Butwal & Birgunj will be the priority.

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