Briggs Myers personality type

Briggs Myers personality type
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Briggs Myers personality type test is a commonly used personality test. There are 16 types of personalities. The types are explained below:

It was created by Katharine cook brings and Isabel Briggs Myers. The instruments were first published in 1962. it is based on the theory of psychological types produced by Carl Jung. Federal agencies have been using this for a long time.

The 16 types are a combination of four dimensions. The first dimension is Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I). The second is Sensing(S) or Intuition (I). The Third is Thinking (T) or Feeling (F). And the fourth is Judging (J) or Perceiving (P).

To find your personality you will have to fill a questionnaire.

The personality is divided first into four major categories. They are; Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinals, and explorers. They are further classified into 16 personality types.

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Types of Briggs-Myers personality:

1. Analysts:

They include four personality types. They are; INTP, INTJ, ENTJ and ENTP. People who are analysts are more rational. They are driven by curiosity are socially selective. Reportedly found, they prefer using head than heart. They are also found to be making logical decisions. The four types are explained below:


INTP personality is also known as Logician personality. It is one of the rare types of personality types. They are imaginative and Enthusiastic. However, they also are absent-minded. There are many career options for these individuals. Some of them are technology, Engineering, Business and law, and sciences. They are not very good at careers that involve communication skills.


These people are also known as architect personalities. They generally type to improve the existing systems with innovative ideas. They are full of determination and innovative ideas. They are perfectionists and have a superiority complex. They can make good careers in fields such as Business, Technology, and Architecture. They are not good at working outside their preferences. They are more likely to earn more money when self-employed.


They are also known as commanders. They are strong-willed and Efficient. They are Intolerant and show dominance. They could create a better career in sales, Physical and social science, art and media, etc. They are most unlikely to be unemployed. They do not prefer working in agencies or on agencies.


They are also known as Debtors. They enjoy playing around with ideas and having a debate. They are visionary people who feel energized with new and rational ideas. They are flexible, fearless, and confident. They are impractical and do not stay bound by the norms. They try to change the ineffective rules of society. like other Analysts, they are good with technology, Law, and engineering.

2. Explorers: four major personality types

These include four major personality types: ISTP, ISFP, ESTP, and ESFP. These people don’t rely on others and think quicker. They are impulsive and flexible. Their preferred style is something spontaneous. They like taking risks and are not into detailed works. Briggs Myers personality type


Crafter is another name for this personality type. They are also known as virtuoso personalities. They have an individualistic mindset. They also work hard for pursuing their goals. They are optimistic and reliable. They are insensitive and can’t focus on a thing for a long time. They are good with creative and constructive works.


This is also known as adventurer personality. They are open to new potential ideas and experiences. They are passionate to discover new things. They also like experiments with their lifestyle. They also are artistic and are sensitive to others. They are easily stressed, competitive and unpredictable. They are great artists, musicians, and designers.


An entrepreneur is someone who processes externally and with other people. They have logical and practical approaches to things. They are good at persuading people. They are not able to focus on the overall approach. They do not like being controlled. They would make good paramedics, insurance agents, and business owners.


The entertainers are Outgoing and fun to be with. They are observant and detail-oriented. They like working free from schedules. They can easily connect to new people and adapt to a new environment. they also tend to have material comforts. They struggle to face interpersonal conflict. They do not like spending time on repetitive works. They could be a good nurse, motivational speaker, or Actor.

Diplomats: are good at sensing and intuiting.

They include INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, and ENFP. They are kind, generous, and cooperative. They like having totally deep conversations. They do not waste energy on negativity. They focus on self-reflection and caring for others. They are good at sensing and intuiting.


An advocate is thoughtful and imaginative. They are the rarest personality types. They have a great sense of idealism and integrity. They are passionate and principled. They are perfectionists and make it hard for them. They are also very sensitive to criticism. They are good with a slightly hybrid profession. For example writing a journal on psychology, environmental lawyers, etc.


The test describes a mediator personality as quiet and open-minded. They live a vibrant and passionate life. They are generous and idealistic. They are unfocused and are people pleasers. They try hard to fulfill the reliability. They are adaptable, so can adjust to a new environment easily. They are good at teaching, health care, psychologists, and counseling.


The protagonists are people who have strong ideas and love helping others. They are born leaders. They do not require validity from others. They are reliable and passionate. They are overly idealistic and enthusiastic. They are qualified to fit any job they like. But, they prefer jobs that give them the power to help others.

ENFP: Campaigner personalities

People with Campaigner personalities are outgoing and openhearted. They are good at standing out in any crowd. They are curious and hold good conversations. They are not very organized and very pure and optimistic. They have a hard time choosing a career path.


Being sentinel involves being cooperative, and being proud of themselves. They are diligent, honest, and respectful. They are unimaginative and are good with plans. Data shows that they avoid risky situations. They prefer predictive situations. It includes ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ and ESFJ.


A logistician is rational and willful. They methodically complete projects. Only 13 percent of people have this personality. They are calm and Enforce effective order. They are also insensitive and judgemental. They usually take roles of military services, lawyers, etc.


People with the personality of a defender are wark and detail-oriented. They have analytical and people skills. They are supportive and loyal. They are conservative and reserved. They make better careers in academic reports, volunteering, and writing journals.

ESTJ: Excellent organizers

Executives have great fortitude and find comfort in fighting for what they believe in. They are dedicated and Excellent organizers. They do not easily relax and express emotions. They like working in renowned firms and offices.


A caregiver or consul is people-focused. They are usually found taking the spotlight. They are concerned about the images they portray. They are sensitive and good with people. They are inflexible and needy. They make very good administrators.

These tests have many questions with radio buttons. You have to choose on a scale of strongly agree to strongly disagree. It does not require typing answers. There are two different tests. MBTI assessment is the original test. Typefinder is a free online test based on it. There are numerous ways to take this online test. These Briggs Myers personality type tests help in predicting one’s probable personality.

This Briggs Myers personality type Test however is disregarded by Psychologists. In several journals, other equal tests have been mentioned but not this test.


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