Books You Must Read If You Are A Business Owner

Books You Must Read If You Are A Business Owner
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Every multinational company like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and many such corporations commenced as a small startup. If you look at their history the founders and CEOs of these companies started to work on their ideas in their garage and today they stand with a net worth in billions. There are various business books that one must read as a business owner.


Starting a business of your own is a risky initiation. You have no idea what works and what doesn’t and being honest here, you would be glad to have an idea on how you can excel at it, wouldn’t you?


There is this saying, “More you read, more you understand”, this saying was inspired after the analysis of interviews of the greatest businessmen in the world. Every successful entrepreneur at least once has mentioned that reading business blogs, books have helped them in their journey.


Various books help its reader understand the Market strategy, give a lesson on the Share Market, Business Organogram, Communication and Networking strategy, and correct form of investment for productive outcome. Some of the influencing books that a startup entrepreneur must read are:

Here is the list of books you must read if you are owning a business

Rich Dad Poor Dad 

This book advocates the importance of financial literacy, financial independence, and building wealth through investing in assets, real estate investing, starting and owning a business, as well as increasing one’s financial intelligence. Thus, making it a valuable asset to acquire financial/business knowledge for its reader.

Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

his book is a biography of Elon Musk which was published in 2015. It touches Elon Musk’s life from his childhood up to the time he spent at Zip2 and PayPal and then into SpaceX, Tesla, and Solar City. It’s no new news that Musk had made a remarkable effect on space technology and is now one of the most successful businessmen around the globe, reading about his journey can be a big benefit to people.

Deep Work

The book talks about the Professional activity carried out in a state of distraction-free environment that pushes your intellectual capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value and improve your skill which is hard to replicate. This book inspires its reader to not be distracted too much by social media and focus on the sole growth as that is the actual parameter that will judge how far you have grown and what your real achievements are. Deep work is a must-read book for a business owner.

The $100 Startup

This book is good for someone who doesn’t have much idea about the business world. It explains various methods to earn money and includes valuable tips that the readers can follow. People who are looking forward to starting a business of their own within a limited investment can be benefited hugely from this book.

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Every entrepreneur, especially the new ones must have tremendous knowledge about marketing strategies. The first rule of a successful business is proper branding and marketing. Marketing is not an easy task, fairly speaking diving into it without actual study can be dangerous. This book has explained 22 laws that can help the readers to avoid falling into any pitfalls and every rule is worth casting in stone. This book helps the reader know the governing rules of the world of marketing.

The list goes on for your must-read book as a business owner. Books like-

  • How to win friends and influence people
  • Zero to One
  • The Intelligent Investor
  • This is Marketing

are some awesome books to read.


The journey of entrepreneurship is never easy and no matter how calculative your moves are or how familiar you are with the products there is always a sword dangling over your head throughout the journey. Remember “Readers are Leaders “-A little research and consulting good books are what is going to make your expedition prolific. You can buy these books along with many others from online stores or any book store. Please give your feedback and recommendation if I have missed any.


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