Best Way to Avoid Toxic Relationships

Best Way to Avoid Toxic Relationships
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Many People are in a Toxic Relationship and are not aware of it. Here, you can learn how to identify toxic relationships. Toxic relationships can be simply defined as non-healthy and energy-draining relationships. They are often characterized by dominance, narcissism, and insecurity. A relationship between two people should be comforting. A Toxic relationship may or may not include physical violence.


A Toxic relationship can be between anyone. It can be between friends, family, partners, etc. There are various types of Toxic relationships. The toxic individual comes in various forms. They are as follows:


1.   The controller.

2.   The Debbie downer (The pessimist).

3.   The Perfectionist.

4.   The Liar.

5.   The Manipulator.

6.   The cheater.

7.   The One who is frequently drunk.

8.   The abuser.

9. The Insecure one.

10. The one who always brings unhealthy competition.


Sign that you are in a toxic relationship:


The signs may depend on the level of toxicity of the relationship. But, you can easily find it out based on the interactions you have. Some major signs are;


1.   Your conversation generally includes criticism and hostility.

2.   They are over possessive of you and try to control you.

3.   Their behavior causes you to stress frequently.

4.   They abuse you, it might be physical, verbal, or mental.

5.   They are constantly guilt-tripping you.

6.   You feel energy drained and hostile towards the relationship.

7.   They do not have any boundaries and want a healthy relationship.

8.   Your relationship is passive-aggressive.


Cause of toxic Behavior in relationships:


1.   If a person was brought up in a toxic and abusive environment, There is a high chance for them to grow Toxic.

2.   Lack of self-worth also causes toxicity. You constantly feel the need to bring others down.

3.   Regrets from the past also cause you to be toxic.

4.   Addiction to drugs, alcohol, etc also causes toxic behavior.

5.   Lack of self-realization of being toxic.


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Overcoming Toxic relationships:


When you love someone it is really hard to leave them. Many individuals stay in the relationship even after finding it is Toxic. Here are a few ways you solve the issues.


1.   Going to Therapy: You can go for couples therapy to solve your problems. Or, visit a Therapist to help you move on emotionally.

2.   Accept that the relationship was toxic.

3.   Stop yourself from feeling guilty about moving on.

4. Decide to forgive them, and move on with life.

5.   Be committed to self-care and find start looking for the power you possess.

6.   Stop looking for closure and don’t attempt to check in.


A Toxic person can change if they make effort. With the right Therapy, they can be less controlling. They can also learn to trust and adopt safe behaviors. They can save their marriage and provide emotional support.


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