Best BL drama

Best BL drama
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BL drama has gained popularity in today’s world. BL simply stands for Boys’ Love. It is also known as yaoi in Japanese. BL refers to a relationship between male characters. If you are eager to know about BL drama you have come to the best place. Here, we have detailed information regarding BL drama.


The fans who like watching gay couples have their separate name. Boys who love these couples are called “fujodanshi” and girls are called “fujoshi”. There are many dramas, series, books showing these romances. The most common word you might hear in these series are “Uke” and “seme”. Simply saying ” Top and Bottom”. Seme is Top and Uke is bottom.


Many countries have created the BL series. However, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Taiwanese BL are popular among the fans. Hollywood Bl series are also taking a hit in present. These dramas are very much similar to any other drama. The only difference is except for the boy-girl couple it has two boys as the main character.


List of some best Thai BL dramas:


Thailand is famous for a lot of things. To name a few it’s tropical beaches, culture, and the food. Similarly, it is also famous for the BL drama. These dramas mainly revolve around student life, and high school romance. Thai BL plot generally revolves around Engineering, medical and music fields. Almost all of these series have a happy ending. Some official producers are GMMTV, Wabi-sabi, etc. The episodes are not very long.



It is one of the must-watch Thai Bl dramas. It belongs to the romantic comedy genre. Starting from fake dating it shows how the characters fall in love with each other. If you are new to the BL drams world this is a must-watch. This series is available on Netflix and youtube.


Other Thai best Bl dramas to watch:


  1. Theory of Love.
  2. Dark Blue Kiss.
  3. Until we meet again.
  4. Love by chance.
  5. Lovesick
  6. I told Sunset about you.
  7. A tale of a thousand stars.
  8. Together with me.


List of some best Korean BL dramas:


Korean BL dramas are famous for their unique plots. However, the number of episodes is less and eps are short as well. The plot ranges from friendship, enemies, and soulmates. Kpop itself is very famous around the world. so, The Bl dramas, manhuas are also very famous.


Color rush:

Color rush was adapted from a novel of the same name. It has a unique story about mono and probe. Monos are the people who are colorblind. And each mono has a probe that can make them see color when they are near. We can watch it in Rakuten Viki.


Other Korean BL dramas to watch:

  1. To my star.
  2. Where your eyes linger.
  3. Wish you.
  4. Light on me.
  5. Heart.
  6. You make me dance.


Filipino BL dramas:


The Pinoy BL dramas gained popularity during the coronavirus outbreak. Many BL dramas revolve around the Lockdown. For it be through Online games, Online dating or sexual relationships, etc. Most of the scenes from these series are shooter inside a room. Even then, The chemistry on screen is great. The best series to watch are:


  1. Stuck on you.
  2. Quaranthings the series.
  3. My Day: the series.
  4. Sakristan
  5. Truly very yours.
  6. Oh, Mando!


Japanese BL dramas:


Along with anime and manga, its adaptations are popular. Most of the BL dramas are adapted from Anime or Mangas. The right episode run time, sweet scenes have helped these dramas gain popularity. Japan is the first country that gave us BL. However, The first few involved depressing kinds of stuff. They were not in favor of the queer characters. Now, this has changed and involves college life, friends, etc. The Japanese BL dramas to watch are:


  1. The Novelist.
  2. Cherry Magic.
  3. Takumi-Kun.
  4. Life
  5. Ossan’s Love.
  6. Kieta Hastsukoi (ongoing)


Best Taiwanese BL drama:

Taiwanese language and culture are very similar to China. However, being a different country the rules are different. China doesn’t permit Homosexual relationships and dramas involving them. However, Taiwan has some great BL dramas. A hot scene is one of the few reasons for its popularity. It also involves deep feelings, Issues regarding incest, etc. The most popular Taiwanese drama is;


  1. History series ( 1 to 4)
  2. Dark Blue and moonlight.
  3. We best Love.
  4. Because of you.
  5. Beloved in house.
  6. Your name engraved herein.
  7. Dear Ex.


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Other best BL dramas and movies to watch from all over the world:


  1. Young Royals (Sweden)
  2. Love, victor (USA)
  3. Love, Simon (USA)
  4. Subh mangal zyada savdhaan (India)
  5. Untamed (bromance from china)
  6. Addicted (China, discontinued)


Not only BL dramas but, Books, Mangas, etc are also very popular presently. Most of the fans were found to be women. The reason is said to be the pure connection shown regardless of gender. The Lovers of these series are found to be more accepting of people’s sexual orientation. BL dramas play a huge role in making Homosexual relationships common. BL dramas promote the importance of treating the queer community well.


BL dramas help to normalize same-sex relationships and marriage. BL dramas are both fun and informative.


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