Best anime to watch

Best anime to watch
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The best Anime to watch is just too many on my list. I have been watching anime since my childhood. There are just too many anime to watch. So if you are a newbie, here are some of my recommendations.


Team UllU Recommendation of Best Anime to watch


Naruto is definitely on my first list. It is an anime adapted from a manga written by Masahi Kishimoto. The story is about Uzumaki Naruto who dreams to be the Hokage or the leader of the village. But he is not that skilled and talented. So, everyone makes fun of him and doesn’t believe him. Will he be Hokage?

To know if he becomes the Hokage or not you have to watch the anime. You can stream it online on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime websites. There are a total of 500 episodes. You can even purchase the manga to read if you are interested.



Haikyuu is a very fun anime. The high school volleyball settings center around a guy named Shoyo Hinata who wants to become the best volleyball player. His energy, determination, persistence will motivate you to do your best.

It is an ongoing series. Season 5 will probably be released in late 2021 or early 2022. You can browse this anime on Netflix and other streaming sites.


Death note

Death note is one of the best anime. The main character finds a notebook that can kill any person if written in the book. The name pretty much sums up the anime. It is a perfect mixture of thriller, mystery, supernatural and gothic elements. If you are into this genre then this is the perfect anime for you.


Tokyo ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is about Ken kaneki Kaneko who becomes half-ghoul after his date or a ghoul tries to eat him. Ghouls are like vampires who must consume human flesh to survive. The anime shows his adjustment to his new half-ghoul life in both human and ghoul universes. If you enjoy vampire stuff then this animation will be the best for you.


One piece

One piece is probably the most famous anime. The anime has more than 981 episodes up today. Since It has been loved by millions of fans all around the world. It will probably not end soon.

It is about the adventures of a guy named Monkey D Luffy and his comrades to be the pirate king. The sea adventures and expedition are very interesting to watch. You will find yourself crying and laughing along his journey.


Tokyo revengers

Tokyo revengers are about a guy who travels back in time to his school days. It’s all about gang fights and actions. He was very popular and respected by everyone. He was even dating a girl. But now he is nobody and is not respected nor looked up. So, he goes back to his school life to save his life and his ex-girlfriend

The story is unpredictable and interesting. The characters are written well. The action scenes are also animated well.  Season 2 will be released soon.


Demon slayer

Demon slayer is about Tanjiro Kamado whose family and the entire village gets killed by a demon. His sister even gets turned into a demon. So, he gets trained to be a demon slayer to find a cure and revenge for his sister and family. Season 2 is ongoing this October 2021. You can watch it on Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll sites.


Re: zero-starting life in another world

The story is about Subaru Natsuki who enters a new world where he is smitten by a silver-haired girl. But unfortunately, people attack them, and to his disbelief, he has the power to live the same life again. So, he keeps on living the same life or day to protect both of them.

The anime can be pretty graphic about violence and frustrating to watch but it gets better as you watch more seasons. There is 2 season each of 25 episodes.


Violet evergarden

Violet evergarden is an angsty and sad anime. You will cry a river watching this anime. It is a tale about loss, grief, and personal growth. A  girl named Violet evergarden after war works as a writer where she learns to connect with her and many other people’s emotions. The anime touches and expresses different emotions beautifully.



Anohana is also very angsty and sad anime. After Jinta Yadomi, the leader of six groups of friends, gets haunted by one of his former friends Meiko. He calls everyone to fulfill her wish so as for her afterlife. They revisit their childhood places and wishes. Those scenes are probably going to bring nostalgia to your childhood. The soundtracks along with the plot will make you cry even more.


Kaichou wa maid sama

Kaichou was maid same is very cute anime. It is about a girl named Misaki who is president in an all-boys school. The school is pretty wild and undisciplined and she tries in every way to keep things under control.  But she has one secret. Someone like her works in a maid café which is discovered by a popular boy named Usui.

There is an even love triangle between Usui, Misaki, and her childhood friend. The story and characters are not toxic adding another reason to watch the anime.  There are a total of 24 episodes with one extra episode or OVA.



Doukyuusei is a very cute Bl anime. The story revolves around 2 guys who get close through singing lessons. Hikaru Kusakabe is popular and in a band while Rhito Sajou is an honor student. The way they develop their relationship will make you scream with happiness. I was screaming and blushing to watch their interactions. If you don’t know where to start a bl genre then this anime would be a good start.


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Conclusion on Best Anime to watch

These are my recommendation on the best anime to watch. Please share your view if there are others who do recommend and share this with your friends.


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