Bella Poarch: the most famous TikToker

Bella Poarch: the most famous TikToker
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Bella Poarch is one of the most famous TikTok star and singer. She has the record of the most liked Tiktok video. The video has over 655 million views, 54 million likes, and 1.5 million comments. In the video, she is banging and lip sync “M to the beat” by Millie B. She has even released her music Build a bitch.


The early life of Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch was born on February 8 1997 in the Philippines. She grew up with her grandmother. At the age of 3, she was adopted by a white man and a Filipino woman. She has described her childhood as the most difficult time of her life. She was physically and verbally abused by her father. They had a farm where she had to do many works. She had to clean, feed and take care of goats, dogs, cows and many more. She had to wake up early in the morning at about 4 o’clock to finish work and go to school too.

She came to Texas, America at age of 13 because of her father’s bypass surgery. She had enlisted in the military in 2015  she had served as a Navy veteran for 4 years. She now lives in Los Angeles, United States of America.


Bella Poarch Tiktok journey

In January 2020 Bella porch actively started posting on Tiktok. She posted gaming, cosplaying content. Her zoom-in headbanging videos made her viral and famous. Every video reached millions of views and started getting more famous. She now has over 85 million followers in TikTok.


Music journey

Bella Poarch released her debut single “Build a bitch” song on May 14, 2021. The song was catchy and used in more than 3.8 million videos on TikTok. It charted well in many countries. The music video and song showed her singing talent. The song was also nominated for best visual effects on MTV video music awards. It was also nominated for the global creator in MTV millennial awards. Overall the response to the song was good.


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How much does Bella porch earn?

Bella earns more than $50,000 per month. Her Instagram, TikTok sponsored ads can increase these earnings more.


Bella Poarch tattoos

The famous star Bella Poarch has many tattoos. She has tattoos on her back, shoulder, neck, and chest. Her rising flag tattoo had caused her controversy which she apologized in her Instagram. The tattoos are her way of covering her childhood abuse and scar.

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