Aryan Khan’s custody granted to NCB till October 7th

Aryan Khan’s custody granted to NCB till October 7th
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Aryan Khan’s NCB custody increased till the 7th of October 2021 by the court. These orders are non-bailable and the court has granted NCB remands for Aryan Khan. Aryan khan’s lawyer said that there is no involvement of his found-in drugs and if he wants he can buy the cruise why he needs to go there for drugs. Some of the Indian news says that Aryan Khan accepted the consumption of drugs on few occasions. There are no drugs found in his pocket.

Several memes are getting viral on various social media on Aryan Khan’s arrest. Aryan Khan’s mobile is with NCB and there might be some information that leads further custody. Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan got arrested in a drug case on 2nd October. There is a claim that he is consuming the drugs for the past 4 years.


Aryan khan Custody is getting two types of comments on social media

There are SRK fans who are claiming that these are attention-seeking arrests. Protecting Aryan Khan’s there are several tweets of famous celebrating supporting Aryan Khan. Sunil Shetty, Salman Khan, Pooja Bhat, and Politician Sashi Tharoor from congress ask not to exaggerate the case. There are other sides that are questioning against that protection. There is no fear in saying on what is wrong is wrong. If he consumed the drug is wrong and he must be punished for it. This will give a lesson to youths to not consume it.

There are various memes also getting viral on social media comparing youth with him. Aryan Khan’s custody granted to NCB till October 7th is a good decision and appreciating the system and law. On the other hand, out of 600 why did Aryan Khan and 7 others only got arrested.

Is Aryan Khan Custody a big deal

The drugs found in his friend pocket is a consumable quantity and it can not lead to a big deal. Aryan khan’s custody granted to NCB till October 7th is a trouble signal for him. The popularity of SRK around the globe makes it a big deal and big news. What are your views on this? Do share your feedback.


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