Aryan Khan news is overshadowing farmer death news

Aryan Khan news is overshadowing farmer death news
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Indian mainstream media is busy covering the Aryan Khan case. Aryan Khan news is overshadowing farmer death news and the media is busy covering SRK’s son news. The death of eight people in Lakhimpur UP where the protest against the new farmer law was going on. The violence took place during protests by hundreds of farmers in Lakhimpur. The farmer was gathered there to protest against the farmer’s law. The visit of Ajay Mishra and Keshav Prasad Maurya was scheduled for 3rd October 2021. The farmer decided to protest by showing black clothes. However, the visit was canceled and he did not come there. Up election is about to come and the election-related campaign started already in UP.

There are conspiracy and conflicting reports on the deaths of a farmer and a reporter. The investigation was going on and the final result is yet to come. There is viral footage of how the car is being run over a farmer’s body. Farmer claiming that Ajay Mishra’s son Monu Mishra fired a gun on farmers and run over the body of farmers. Ajay Mishra said that his son was not there and yes the car is owned by him. Driver loses control and the accident happened, however, the truth is yet to come.


Farmer death and Aryan Khan case

Now Indian mainstream media is busy covering Aryan Khan’s case and there are more than this incident. The importance and priority must be to shift to the real issues that are important. Now the Aryan Khan case is getting more priority than this news. There are more drug cases registered in India almost daily basis but why this case is getting national attention just because he is SRK, son.

The death of eight people including the reporter and driver of Monu Mishra. The violence is not good weather attempted by any side, truth is yet to come. Attention to this news is less in media and farmers are protesting this for a long time. There is also footage of Ajay Mishra giving a controversial speech getting viral.

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Social Media coverage of Aryan and Farmer news

Aryan Khan is trending on Twitter and various other social media. There is an extension of custody of Aryan Khan to NCB. Farmer death on the other hand is not a sensitive topic like the Aryan Khan. The footage went viral now where the car hit the people (farmer). Farmer is angry with the incident and asking for compensation for the death. Farmer is protesting the new law implementation in every way they can.


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