Ansh Verma from Nepal Earns Crores from TikTok Live Stream

Ansh Verma from Nepal Earns Crores from TikTok Live Stream
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The guy from Mahendra Nagar, Kanchanpur Ansh Verma from Nepal Earns Crores from TikTok Live Stream. There are so many negative comments and bad words passed on him saying he is fake. People criticized and said he is begging on TikTok and many bad reviews. He is doing great without bothering the comments and he somehow gives a reply to most of the bad comments in his style. The question like can somebody earn that much from TikTok, lets’s find out.


TikTok live stream earnings: how it works and is it easy?

Creators and influencers earn gifts from the live streams and those gifts are converted into diamonds and can be cashed out. There are several ways you can earn from TikTok. If you have good followers you can endorse the brand and start your own shopping platform on TikTok. Among these doing live streaming is one of the best and easy methods of earning money on TikTok. Having 1000 followers allows you to go live on TikTok. Going live brings engagement and it increases your followers and TikTok will promote you more. Let’s understand how it works:-

When you go live with your fans and audience will gift you emojis carrying coin value.  Coin value will be restored in the account as a diamond which can be later converted into cash. Earning is never easy and you have to give time and effort to gain loyal followers.


How to gain more followers on your TikTok Accounts

Engagement is the key to social media, if you are able to engage yourself and your audience there is more possibility you grow your account much faster.

  • Create a niche based on your skills or you can choose daily life vlogs as well. Know your audience and reply to their questions regarding you and your videos.
  • Post videos with trending hashtags, participate in various challenges to increase your views and followers.
  • Consistency is the key, you have to be consistent in posting videos and stay active on TikTok
  • Get to know your fans, not on this platform but also outside the platform. Real interactions also help you grow your accounts.
  • Go live and interact with various region audiences you cant reach.

These are some tricks that help you in gaining followers and engagement. Also, read how to go live on TikTok?


About Ansh Verma, Earning, Monthly Income & his Networth

Name:-                             Ansh Verma

Age:-                                  23 years

Lives in:-                          Mahendra Nagar, Kanchanpur (sudur paschim)

Profession:-                     LLB Students

Famous for:-                   TikTok Live Stream and earning (@aanshvermaa_100)

Monthly Income:-       25-35 Lakhs

Net worth:-                    3.4 Crore

Ansh Verma has more than 1.2 million followers in his TikTok account. The guy was criticized first but later all realizes the fact and started following his way of live streaming.

Currently, He is the highest earning TikTokers in Nepal. He is also doing social works and recently bought a car and house in Mahendra Nagar. Hard work and consistency will pay off. Ansh Verma proved this he is so dedicated and spends around 12- 16 hours daily on TikTok. He usually gets expensive gifts from his fans and follower worth more than $200-$300 a day and goes live 3-4 times a day.

Those who criticized him are now following his methods and started doing live. No matter what he set a trend on TikTok and proved that it is not just for entertainment but also for good earnings. He is also on YouTube and his Youtube channel also growing very well.


Earning 1 lakh Nepali is possible on TikTok

There is $1000 cap on daily withdrawal from TikTok.  If you convert it into Nepali rupee it will be around 1.18 lakh. Hence it is possible to earn lakhs and even more in a day from TikTok. Earning more than $800 is possible if you have good followers and they like you. There are celebrities earning millions of dollars from TikTok. Hope you get some insight on Ansh Verma from Nepal Earns Crores from TikTok Live Stream.

Also, read how to earn money from TikTok? and TikTok gifts: TikTok Coins and diamonds.

List of the popular TikTokers in Nepal

Here are some names of the highest followed TikTok creators in Nepal

Bijju Baniya   (@bijju3210)      9.7M followers

Prisma & Princy (@twinny_girls)      7.1M followers

Mahesh Paswan  (@mahesh_Production)    4.3M followers

Ohidur Seikh   (@ohidur247)      3.8M followers

Subham Shukla  (@subhamshukla3)   3.7M follwers

Sorrysa Joshi (@sorrysa_official)       3.6M followers

Bitu Das (@bitudas786)     1.3M followers

Reshma Ghimire (@reshmaghimire)     1.2M followers

Samiksha Basnet (@samikshyabasnet)     1.2M followers


Give your suggestions if I missed any names and please contact us if you have any queries.


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