Advantages of applying IPOs in Nepal

Advantages of applying IPOs in Nepal
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IPO stands for Initial Public Offering and the meaning is in the name itself. IPO means to offer the initial share of companies or private cooperations to the public. In simple words, the public is the investors in a company. People in Nepal are more interested in the stock market and especially IPO because it is an investment with absolute securities. Companies offer IPO to the public to increase capital and it is later traded like shares in the share market. Here are some advantages discuss applying for IPO in Nepal.

The stock market of Nepal is Nepal Stock Exchange Limited, NEPSE where trading of shares takes place. NEPSE is now outpowering with the index all-time high. The simple reason for the high NEPSE Index Number of Online users and people are very much interested in the market. DEMAT account holders in Nepal have reached 40.87 lakh. The process of listing any share of the company on the stock exchange is lengthy and complicated, however, the application process for applying for an IPO is easy.

How to know about IPO issues?

Companies that are going for IPO have to publish the News in Newspaper on a national level. Company Management has to present 5-year forecast about the financials of the company in Nepal.

You need to open a DMAT account first. DMAT account can be open in any bank where you have an account with the bank. After opening DMAT you can easily apply for mero share and then you are ready to go.

How To Apply for an IPO?

Login to Mero Share> Go to My ASBA > Apply for Issue section you will see the list of open IPOs and you can apply from there.

Apply for IPO from Mero Share

Apply for IPO from Mero Share

Upcoming IPOs in Nepal and there are huge advantages in applying these IPOs in Nepal

Here is the list of companies that are applied and under a river for an IPO and there are huge advantages in applying these IPOs in Nepal. These Companies have great prospective however you can have your own judgment and analysis before applying.

List of upcoming IPO in Nepal

Buddha Bhumi Nepal Hydropower Company LimitedBBHClComing Soon800,000
Dish HomeNAAwaitedRA
Green VenturesNAAwaitedNA
Bindhyabasini Hydropower Development Co. Ltd.BHDCReviewNA
Himalyan Hydropower LimitedNAAwaitedNA
Balephi Hydropower LtdNAAwaitedNA
Upkar Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdNAAwaitedNA
Rastra Utthan Laghubittiya SansthaNAAwaitedNA
Sayapatri Hydropower LtdNAAwaitedNA
Nesdo Sambridha Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaNAReviewNA
Emerging Nepal LimitedNAReviewNA
Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaJALPAReviewNA
Molung Hydropower Company LimitedNAReviewNA
Reliable Life Insurance Ltd.NAReviewNA


You can check the result a few days after the IPO allotment gets done.  Share allotted take time to depict in your mero share portfolio. You can check IPO results by clicking here  Select the Company for which you want to check results and enter your BOID number and then Press view results.

Check ipo results

IPO results check

Once you have shares in companies, you can make an account in a broker’s agency that will connect you to the secondary stock market. You can start buying and selling shares once you have an account in brokers. You can purchase the share of any company which has the potential for growth. You can sell and buy the shares according to the price listed in NEPSE and transfer the shares that you sell or buy through brokers.


There are many benefits as it is an opportunity to invest at low risk and improve your economic status. The advantage of applying IPO in Nepal are:

  •  It is very easy to start investing in IPO. You can start by making a Demat and Mero Share account through which you can start buying IPO and later make transactions in the secondary market too.
  • It is a very low-risk investment with a high return range. It is a very good opportunity for people in Nepal to own stocks and improve their economic status.
  • You can start investing with very low funds. There are companies that offer IPO for rupees hundred and you can apply even a minimum as ten units which are just rupees thousand and expect high returns.


So, applying for IPO is a very easy but beneficial method to start investing. Once you have shares you can also create an account in a broker’s agency to start investing in secondary shares and enter the stock market. Making Money is a never easy task and IPO is one of the tools that multiply your money if you get allotted.

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