Addison Rae was Permanently banned from Tiktok?

Addison Rae was Permanently banned from Tiktok?
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Here we will find out whether Addison Rae was permanently banned from TikTok or not. She had the highest number of followers and is very famous celebrity. She has earned a lot of money from TikTok in 2020.


Who is Addison Rae?

A famous Tiktok star turned actress Addison Rae Easterling has become the most searched celebrity in Google. She was born on October 6, 2000, in the United States. Her parents got divorced when Rae was very young. But then they found a way back to each other and remarried in 2017. When she was six years old, she already was a competitive dancer. Addison creates TikTok with both of her parents. Her parents have a separate fan base. Inclined to sports she had an interest in gymnastics and additionally cheerleader in her high school days.


How did Alison Rae become popular?

She was not that passionate about TikTok. She says that she had posted a video for fun. But after all the popularity she gained she decided to take TikTok seriously. Then she continued to create TikTok content. She posts dancing, lip-syncs, videos. With her dancing videos, she gained one million followers within a few months. A collaborative group called “The Hype House” was formed in 2019 and Addison has been a part of the group.

WME agency signed her in 2020 along with her parents. In the same year, she partnered with American Eagle for #AExME Back to school ’20 brand company. She also launched her Beauty products in 2020. She believes the content with her mother gets more views where she released a podcast famous as “Mama Knows Best” in 2020. They talk about their personal life and motivate for good relationships. She featured in the “He’s All That” a remake of 1999” She’s All That” in 2021. She also recently has signed a deal with Netflix. She has been now pursuing her career in acting. She has decided to prove herself as a successful actress.


Addison Rae Achievements:

Nominated for:

People’s Choice Awards in 2020.

Favorite Female Social Star by Kids choice awards.

Breakthrough Social Star by MTV Movies and TV Awards.

She is the Top-Earning Tiktok Personality by Forbes.


Did TikTok ban Addison Rae permanently?

On October 15, 2021, Addison shared the post with the screenshot of her TikTok account. It said “Your Account was permanently banned due to multiple violations of our community guidelines. and it begs the question of whether Addison Rae was Permanently banned from Tiktok?

Well, it didn’t appear Addison was abusing any standard. Her posts had nothing that might have disregarded any standard. Although, her first career choice is acting and she has been following that path. She was also welcomed in Met Gala. She might not problem without her Tiktok account. But TikTok is the first platform where she started her spotlight venture She was not going to leave it that easy.

Not to worry her account is back to normal. It is reported that the ban was not permanent but was a bug or issue from the Tiktok itself. Now, fans can access her videos on TikTok.


FAQs about Addison Rae and her Ban


How many Followers does Addison Rae have in Tiktok and YouTube Instagram and Twitter?

  • Rae is a rapidly growing celebrity. She has gained huge popularity and followers in such a short period of time.


Tiktok: 84.7 million followers

Youtube: 4.79 million subscribers

Instagram: 40.1 million

Twitter: 4.8 million.


What is the net worth of Addison Rae?

  • The net worth of Addison Rae is estimated to be $5 million as of 2021


What is the height of Addison Rae?

  • The height of Addison is 5ft 6 inches tall.


Is Addison Rae dating Jordan Tucker?

  • Jordan was posting duet videos with Addison’s Tiktok. It was a rumor that they both may be dating. But Jordan Tucker has cleared in his Livestream that he is not dating anyone. He is not in the mood of pursuing Addison Rae.


Who is Addison dating in 2021?

  • After the breakup with Bryce Hall, Addison Rae has not made public about her relationship. It seems that she is not dating anyone as of 2021.


Addison Rae Song?

  • As a singer, Addison Rae published her Single debut in March 2021 named “obsessed”.


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