Actual worth of TikTok Gifts: Coins & Diamonds for influencers 2022

Actual worth of TikTok Gifts: Coins & Diamonds for influencers 2022
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TikTok Gifts are Virtual gifts designed by TikTok and exchanged with TikTok coins. Coins purchased by users are sent to the creators in the form of virtual gifts to appreciate their favorite creators. TikTok gifts are used during Live and to support as a video gift as well. TikTok gifts sent to the creators are converted into TikTok diamonds in the balance.

In simple words, TikTok Gifts are the rewards for the creator for hosting live videos or posting content that fan likes. Now, this is not a reward by TikTok but by fans for their most selected creators. To understand gifts let’s understand first what the coins are and how coins can be exchanged with gifts.


TikTok Currency TikTok Coins

TikTok Coins are the TikTok Currency that can be exchanged or purchased with the real currency of the user country. Generally, coins are priced in terms of US dollars however for the specific country the pricing is in their native currency. We will take USD value for our convenience for calculating the value of the coins and diamonds. Not every TikTok gifts carry coin value and that makes the gift more attractive.


To purchase the TikTok coins, one must be at least 18 years of age (19 for Korea and 20 for Japan)


Price of the TikTok Coins

Here is the price list of the TikTok coins. Recently TikTok is giving some extra coins at the same price or discounts for the first-time coin buyer.

Number of CoinsPrice in USD

Tiktok Coins Price

Now if we ignore discounts, we can see 1 TikTok coin costs around 0.015 USD. You can recharge them using available payment methods in your country. TikTok coins are used for giving TikTok gifts.

Here are the TikTok Coins value in terms of USD

100 coins equal to $1.55

500 Coins equal to $7.5

1000 Coins equal to $15.5


TikTok Gifts

TikTok gifts are the coin-carrying rewards sent to a live host or creator which are stored as TikTok diamonds in creator balance which then can be withdrawn as a USD. Here is the complete list of the current TikTok gifts.


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Hot TikTok Gifts

Wizard Hat  177 Coins

Magic Letter  7 Coins

TeaTime   1777 Coins


Most send gifts on TikTok: TikTok Roses

Sending roses on TikTok is a common gift that creators mostly get. TikTok roses are what mainly live hosts can get. The reason for sending roses on TikTok or TikTok roses is simple it is the gift in the first position and carries only one coin, so it is cheaper to send TikTok roses. TikTok roses are frequently sent as gifts as it also shows their (viewer) love for their favorite creators.

TikTok Roses most sent gifts


Most Expensive TikTok Gifts

Here are some of the most expensive TikTok gifts old as well as New.

TikTok GiftsCoin Value
Drama Queen5000
Unicorn Fantasy5000
Castle Fantasy20000
Golden Car29999
TikTok Universe34999


Most Expensive TikTok Gifts


Event Oriented TikTok Gifts

Recently during New Year, Christmas, and before that Diwali in India TikTok releases different gifts that are these events oriented. Gifts like 2022 glasses for the new year, easter for Christmas, and deep for Diwali. Event-oriented TikTok gifts will be released from time to time.

Event-oriented TikTok Gifts

TikTok Diamonds & Its Value Calculations

The TikTok diamonds are the actual earnings or rewards for the creator, or a person hosting live on TikTok through TikTok gifts. TikTok diamonds carry a value worth 0.005 USD. This means if you want to earn $100 from TikTok you have to receive 20,000 TikTok diamonds and the minimum threshold to withdraw the amount is $100.

The Diamonds on TikTok is valued such that 3 TikTok coin equals 1 TikTok diamond. Diamonds are one-third of the coin. Diamonds are not exchanged or transferred in any case. Price and commission are decided by TikTok as mentioned in the policy and it is the sole discretion of the company to do so.

Here are TikTok diamonds values in terms of USD

1 Diamond equal  $0.005

100 Diamonds equal $0.5

500 Diamonds equal $2.5

1000 Diamonds equal  $5

10,000 Diamonds equal  $50

20,000 Diamonds equal  $100

Here is the picture of TikTok Diamonds and Earning of a creator.

TikTok Diamonds & Its Value Calculations


FAQ on TikTok Gifts: Coin & Diamonds

Here are some frequently asked questions by users or Creators about TikTok gifts: coins & diamonds.


How many TikTok coins equal 1 diamond?

If someone sends you three coins or three TikTok roses having a coin value of 1, It will store as 1 diamond in your balance. Now, this begs another question that what is the commission kept by TikTok on the earning of a creator’s or Tiktok gifts?

People say 50 Percent will be retained by TikTok as a commission or moderation fee but in my opinion, it is more than 50% and the calculation is proof for it. 1 coin cost around $0.015 and 1 diamond valued around $ 0.005. Hence the deduction is more than 60% to be precise it is 65%. This is huge in comparison to any other platform.


How to recharge TikTok coin?

Recharging the TikTok coin is very simple. Go to the 3 lines on the top right corner

  • Click on Setting & Privacy
  • Then Click on Balance
  • After that Click on Recharge
  • Select the bundle
  • And proceed to pay with PayPal or other options available according to your country.

Sometimes there might be some issue in that case use VPN to recharge the same. If VPN will not solve the issues, then make chanthe ges in payment and subscriptions segments of your Gmail.


Check official sites

Can I Transfer my TikTok diamonds or exchange them with a coin?

TikTok diamonds stored in your wallet you received from TikTok gifts are non-transferable and non-exchangeable in any case. But you can withdraw the diamonds to PayPal and then from your bank account.


How to Withdraw TikTok Diamonds?

Go to the Balance section of the – check your gifts and click on withdraw button and then enter your PayPal Id and then you can transfer the amount to your bank account. TikTok Diamonds are the value of earning gained from TikTok gifts.


Please share your view or queries you need to know we will try to answer the same. Do not forget to show your opinion in the comments below. If I have missed anything do let me know. You can also check the detailed article on TikTok gifts from tiktok gifts.

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