About Us

Team UllU is a team of like-minded people who is intellectual but not having an academic degree basically it is a movement to get respect from the people who call us ullu.

Have you ever been called ullu by any person if yes- you are welcome to the Team ullu. It is a platform & community of people who is skilled and enthusiastic but hasn’t got any academics or professional degree also called “ULLU”

Let’s make it a brand together so that if someone calls you an ullu, you feel proud.!

Nepal Leading Tech Startup News, Case Studies, funding & acquisition, current affairs, Skill enhancement tips, ideas discussion success stories of a famous person and their interview. we believe we are responsible citizens so that we also discuss politics and issues currently happening in our society to aware people in various ways.

About Team UllU

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What you get here on Team UllU

• A Community of like-minded people.
• Collect and share stories of people who have done or achieve something without having a degree.
• Motivate people to develop skills that are more practical in life.
• Tips for digital marketing and sales online, earning revenue tips, blogging tips, podcasting, YouTube & Increase Traffic.
• Updates on Current affairs, News on Business & Investments, Tech, interview & Review, etc.
• We also have an entertainment section where we entertain people by various means.

We bought a domain 2 years ago by paying extra for a service fee as I don’t know how things work at those times. Lack of knowledge but love for tech & thrust for learning motivates me to start this Team Ullu. Our aim is to motivate people who have got some skills but haven’t utilized them for any purpose. If this changed a single life, I will be more than happy.

Team Introduction

It is a group of people who are here with the aim to update and improve people skills and knowledge.

The basic idea here is to share the knowledge and skill gained while doing certain things that generate revenue. “Sharing is caring”  and “The more you share the more you learn” are the mottos of our community.

Everyone will learn something from us, we will be also guiding you on how to turn your intellect & skills into a business & make value out of it.

Our belief is that it’s not about one person or individual, it’s about all the people connected here with a goal to do good for themselves and society as a whole.

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We will be sharing more here if anything is shareable, wish us luck, and Thank You for reading, See you again UllU!

Our website Team UllU does not have any connection with the Indian UllU app. We are not related to any government body and also any other ullu app. We are a community of like-minded people where we share our ideas, news, and any other information that are worth sharing.

If you have any problems or questions related to any matter, you may directly contact us at [email protected].com You may also leave a comment on any article on our website and we will contact you via email.