5G Mobiles in Nepal

5G Mobiles in Nepal
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Are you looking for information regarding 5G in Nepal? Here, we have detailed information on 5G in Nepal. We have also included the list of 5G mobiles in Nepal. The need for 5G is everywhere including Nepal. The fast-changing world and speed of services creates demands for 5G networks.


The fifth-generation technology standard of telecommunications is called 5G. This standard is for broadband cellular networks worldwide. 5G was introduced in July 2016. It has a speed of up to 10 gigabytes per second. It has a spectrum band of around 28 GHz and 39 GHz. Low band 5g is quite similar to the FDD-LTE bands of 4G. It is expected to be used in general by internet service providers (ISP).

Advantage and Disadvantage of 5G

Advantages of 5G

  • Lower Latency.
  • Fast speed to download and faster transmission.
  • Can connect more devices (massive iot)
  • We can create subnets for virtual networks (network slicing).
  • Easily manageable with previous generations
  • Faster and reliable compared to existing ones


Disadvantages of 5G

  • The cost of rollout is high at the beginning.
  • Higher battery consumption in devices.
  • The data upload speed is very low compared to download speed.
  • The connectivity can be affected by physical interference.
  • Requires additional advanced equipment both hardware and software.
  • People in rural areas may not be able to access it.


5G in Nepal

Internet penetration in Nepal is 90.56 percent of the population. And a number of users using 4g services is around 7.69 million. It has been a long time since users have been waiting for 5G.


Committee of Nepal Telecommunication authority approved permission for trial in mid-March 2021.  The director of the authority is Min Prasad Aryal. The Chairman of NTA is Purshottam Khanal. This was passed under the digital Nepal framework. This was the first step to using 5G wireless internet service. NTA has also promised to provide one year of free frequency for this. They plan to roll a radio frequency of 700 MHz.


Ministry of communications and IT (MOCIT) decided to begin trials from the cities. For the first phase, Four major cities including Kathmandu were chosen.  According to the plan, Nepal might beat India and Pakistan to it. The preparations are going on. And on the end of the fiscal year, they hope to complete it.


After the tests are complete a deep analysis will be done. The reports need to get approval from the government. The operators must be capable to manage the traffic.


Most of the telecommunication industry in the country is trying to bring 5G. NTC (a government company) made a proposal for a 5G trial. Later, Ncell (a private company) also had applied for the trial.  The trial operation has not yet started. Even though the 5G network is not yet available, many 5G mobiles are available. Multiple Mobile companies have produced some great deals.


5G mobiles available in Nepal

5G Mobiles of different brands are available in Nepal. Many Chinese 5G mobiles are available in the market. And, the cost is anywhere between Rs 20,000 (Twenty Thousand) to Rs 2, 85,000 (One lakh twenty-five thousand). A few lists of phones available are;


  • iPhone 13Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Oppo find X3 pro ( photographer edition)
  • Realme Q5 pro carnival
  • TCL 20 R 5G
  • Samsung galaxy wide5
  • Xiaomi 11T pro
  • Motorola moto G50 5G
  • Nokia G50 5G
  • Vivo iQOO 8
  • Poco M3 pro
  • Huawei enjoy 20 5G

There are other phones like Samsung Galaxy A72 and Samsung Zfold are also which are 5G mobiles in Nepal. Buy these mobiles from Online Saathi.


In today’s world Internet is used in every other field. There is improvement in technologies. With that many national and international development is taking place. So, the launch 5G can make a major difference in systems. It can create better business opportunities. Change in conditions of infrastructure.


There are many newspapers we can read about. We can find much information regarding 5G networks. We can learn its drawbacks, issues, and possible solutions as well. We can know where it has started and important milestones. We also get familiar with various terminologies.


There have been many debates. Especially regarding the harm 5G does to our body. It is also believed to affect the environment. Birds are dying from the use of the 5G tower. Please share your thoughts and feedback on this.

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