5 Morning Habits that will make you healthier than you think

5 Morning Habits that will make you healthier than you think
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The morning rush is a real thing. You can be a student, a job holder, or a house person, you are bound to get caught up in morning haste. People pay very little attention to their morning activities, tend to skip breakfast on regular basis, forget to drink water, and head straight to coffee intake, and the most unhealthy habit, well that would be skipping the sunlight. These are some of the most required things that even medical experts advise for a healthy life but in hurry to get started with the daily schedule people develop the habit of ignoring them.

There are few crucial morning habits has been mentioned countless times by health experts and nutritional trainer which are often overlooked by people. The most important part of the day is the least discussed part throughout the day. Let’s bring some of the important morning habits to the daylight that makes you healthier.

Here are the 5 Morning habits that will make you healthier than you think and you must adopt them

1.      Do not use Mobile as soon as you get up:

Our obsession with a cell phone has made us vulnerable to Social Media fascination. The first thing most people tend to do is use their phone and spend a major morning time browsing through Social Sites. When one does that there are multiple things that happen simultaneously, first of all, they get fed with the negativity surfing through the internet being glorified as a trending topic which instantly drops the mood, Secondly, browsing the internet and viewing what is happening in the life of the friends and family may tend to discourage someone or feel bad about themselves as they will start to compare their situation with others. This will spoil one’s mood for the whole day. Another major setback of this habit is that it consumes most of the morning time leaving few minutes to spare for things like cleaning up before leaving the house or having enough time to prepare a healthy breakfast.


2.      Mediate or Exercise:

We usually go to sleep thinking and stressing about our day, the pending email, due conversation with the boss, unexpressed feeling to the loved one, grief over the lost opportunity, and many more. The key to getting rid of it and free your mind from the burden has to be Mediation or exercising, jogging or any physical activity to ensure a healthy body and peace of mind. People prefer a little extra minute sleepover these activities but the result from the meditation and exercise of any form of physical pursuit is worth it in the end.


3.      Eat Healthy Breakfast:

Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. A proper breakfast before the start of the day is mandatory for the better functioning of humans. A proper breakfast contains fruits, fibers, fresh juice, tortilla or pancake, or whatever is available which are full of nutritional values. Many people tend to skip breakfast and get away with coffee or tea and wait till lunch which leads to stomach problems, some remain cranky till the lunch hour due to an empty stomach, and some develop severe gastritis problems which if ignored can lead to ulcers.


4.      Read a book:

Spearing 15-30 mins every morning on the book of your preference will help you keep your mind fresh and increase your knowledge about things. Every successful person has mentioned that they tend to read as many books as possible during their leisure time. This gives a person a border way to things and has a different perception about the ongoing matters. Reading doesn’t have to be limited to books, you can start your day with newspapers, blogs, articles, fan fiction, or anything that will help you develop a reading habit. This will also lessen your cell phone time. So hey, loads of information and that too radiation-free!!


5.      Reciting Gratitude:

We attract what we think, it is very necessary for every individual to remain optimistic in life. One always has to understand that resenting people or holding grudges against any situation is not going to do any good rather will just boost their anxiety. One major way to develop self-contentment is to recite the things that you are glad for. Every morning if we sit down and express our gratitude for our privileges, our friends and family, achievements, lessons learned, and ultimately for the better person that we are becoming, soon the universe will manifest better things in our life.


Morning shows the day“, someone had said this correctly. Your attitude in the morning is surely going to determine how your day looks ahead so it is significant to start your day well. If we are able to give up on our usual habits and start implementing above mentioned practices then soon enough we shall find ourselves acquiring tremendous growth. These 5-morning habits make you healthier and keep you charged and prepared for any situations you face in a day.

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