4G Volte In Nepal

4G Volte In Nepal
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Are you Looking for information regarding 4G VoLTE? Here, we have detailed information regarding the 4G Volte in Nepal with 4g phone list.


VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE. It is a part of advanced technology. IT offers high-quality sound over voice calls. The background noise is also reduced. The voice is as natural as having an actual face-to-face conversation. It also helps to surf the internet at 4G speed during the call. NTC ( Nepal Telecom) already launched the VoLTe service. However, Ncell is Planning for a Project Launch. according to the media, it will soon be available to customers.


Ncell boasts about 5 million subscribers. And, the service is set to start in Kathmandu. And later in major cities like Pokhara, Butwal, and Biratnagar. Ncell Axiata is planning to operate it in a 900 Mhz spectrum Band. Whereas, NTC has started it in two bands, 1800 MHz, and 800 Mhz. These two are the biggest leading competitors in the Telecommunications company of Nepal.


Features of 4 G Volte:

  • Experience High-quality Voice calls.
  • Video calls with HD quality and great connection.
  • Provide Faster connections during calls and smart calling connections,
  • Increased functionality of VoIP
  • Saves charge of battery.
  • Faster to switch between voice calls and video calls
  • More innovative solutions and access to next-generation services for customers.
  • Browsing the internet at high speed even during calls.



Activating 4G VoLTE in NTC.

We can activate VoLTE by dialing *444#. after that select activate VoLTE. You also need to make sure that your device is compatible. Once you are sure, you can enable it from settings. Its availability is in all areas with 4G coverage. There is no extra standard charge or say it’s free. thanks to the network support provided by NTC.


 Few Handset that is compatible with 4G Volte in Nepal

  • iPhone: iPhone 6 and above.
  • Samsung galaxy: MO1, A12, S10e, note10, Z fold2, etc.
  • Xiaomi: Redmi 8A, Note 10 lite, etc
  • Nokia: Nokia 5.3, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 3.4, Nokia G10, etc
  • ZTE:  ZTE blade A51,Blade V30 and Blade A71.


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Is Volte not working?

First, make sure your device is compatible. If not, you may have to wait for your smartphone to be compatible. Then make sure you have the software updated. And then check if Volte is activated. If not activate it and do not restrict its use. Currently, Ncell has not launched this service. if you use a dual sim card phone make sure the sim is inserted in the correct port.


once you have enabled it on your mobile, you can enjoy its feature. public users are excited about its launch according to the media. telecommunication operators are always in search of new technologies. From wireless connection( wifi) to data connection. and from the keypad to touch screen. They always change and set up new products. Volte is a many-in-one package. it has a fast connection and ultra-clear audio. it also has a crystal clear transmission of videos. it enables many advantages and great connectivity.


Traditional service varies on different handsets. not only that it consumes more battery life. and networks provided are not very good. but the phones with this service require less charging. This service although not available on all mobiles now will be available in the future. we can deactivate this service easily. it doesn’t require any extra applications (apps) for activation. Hope you liked this 4G volte in Nepal, please give your feedback.

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