100 Lakh crore of PM GATI SHAKTI YOJNA to transform India

100 Lakh crore of PM GATI SHAKTI YOJNA to transform India
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Prime minister of India Narendra Modi inaugurated and announced  100 lakh crore of PM GATI SHAKTI YOJNA to transform India which will be spent on infrastructure development. Prime minister Modi said this is the time of the 75th year of independence and we are taking this initiative by keeping in mind the upcoming  25 years.  PM GATI SHAKTI National Master Plan is going to increase the confidence and self-dependence of India and the Indian People.

This is a very ambitious plan for India and this creates a huge impact on various sectors of India. India recently exported 1 Billion dollar goods to other countries in the second quarter and planning to export the next 4 Billion in the coming year. The supply chain is the main issue that comes in between the manufacturer and the buyer, which increases the cost of the goods. This GATI SHAKTI YOJNA was announced on Red Fort on 15th August 2021. Yesterday (13th, October 2021) PM Narendra Modi announced this to start which is mainly based on the infrastructure development of the country.



GATI SHAKTI YOJNA or Master plan is a plan which will be focused on the fast and transparent infrastructure development in India. Multiple ministries are responsible for different works in the country. Multiple channels of involvement in a project lead to delays and higher costs. PM GATI SHAKTI master plan will combine 16 ministry and 200 plus layers together that helps to track the progress of each department. ISRO has developed the portal and Rail, Road, Port, and Civil Aviation comes under one big umbrella. This will helps coordination among all the stakeholders.

Planning and executions will be done in groups combining all 16 ministries or required ministries. Acquisitions and executions are performed together, and the pace of progress target by 2024-25. The central and state government, Local bodies, and private sectors will coordinate with each other in the best way. The National Master plan will bring all the departments and branches and YOJNA under one roof. This is 100 Lakh crore of PM GATI SHAKTI YOJNA to transform India.



  • 16 ministries will work together
  • 200 plus development department and branches execute together
  • Cost of development will reduce
  • Time of development reduced
  • Connectivity increase
  • Confidence and Self-dependency increase
  • People get maximum benefits from YOJNA

Gati Shakti will combine various schemes of Union and State government like UDAN, BHARAT MALA, SAGARMALA, etc


Area covered under PM GATI SHAKTI National master plan 2021

Here is the list of areas that are covered under this plan which is slogan as Pragati ki Shakti

  • 197 Mega Food Parks & Agro Processing centers
  • 11 Industrial corridors, 2 Defence corridors, and 25000 acres developed area
  • 202 Fishing clusters/ Harbours/ landing Centers of doubling of Fisheries export
  • 109 Pharma and Medical clusters
  • 90 Textile clusters/ Mega Textile parks
  • Power transmission network of 4,54,200 circuit km
  • 225 GW renewable energy capacity
  • 4G mobile connectivity in all villages by 2022
  • 1759 MMTPA cargo traffic at ports
  • Additional 17,000 km gas pipeline
  • 220 Airports/ Heliports/ Water Aerodromes
  • 2 lakh route km of National Highways
  • 1600 Million Tons of cargo in railways
  • Making India the hub of world-class infra
  • Doing business better and faster
  • Connecting India’s productivity hotspots
  • More ease of living for the common man
  • Fulfilling promises, Transforming India
  • Connecting pillars of New India

you can download the PM GATI SHAKTI NATIONAL MASTER PLAN PDF and infographics from transform India 



100 Lakh crore of PM GATI SHAKTI YOJNA to transform India


Launched ByPM Narendra Modi
Budget110 Lakh crore (1.5 Trillion USD)
Purpose and AIMInfrastructure development of Nation
Famous ForCombining 16 Ministries and 200+ Department to work together
Who will be benefitedThe whole nations and its citizens
SizeThe biggest YOJNA so far
ProgressExpected by 2024-25
Announced Date15 August 2021
Launch Date13 October 2021


National Infrastructure Pipeline will be included under PM GATI SHAKTI MASTER PLAN 2021




What is the budget of the GATIS HAKTI master plan (yojna) 2021?

The budget is 100 lakh crore which is 1.5 Trillion USD currency. Now as per the speech of pm Modi it is 100 lakh crore YOJNA however, it is expected that it is around 110 lakh crore plus plan. All the 16 ministries combine together to plan and execute this master plan.


What will be the impact of this GATI SHAKTI YOJNA?

Ease of doing business, Transportation, Power connectivity, Exports, and Individual citizens are impacted and benefited from this YOJNA.


What is the official website of GATISHAKTI Master Plan?

ISRA has developed it and is not available in the public domain, we expect it released soon.


What is the slogan of this GATI SHAKTI Yojna?

Pragati ki Gati, Bharat ki Shakti



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